Small Kitchen Decorating Tips

Small Kitchen Decorating Tips

Decorating and navigating in a small kitchen can be challenging. With a few of these small kitchen decorating tips, you can transform your small space into the kitchen of your dreams. Adding storage, lighting, and getting rid of some clutter will transform your space.

Create More Storage and Counter Space

One of the biggest issues with a small kitchen is storage space. Small spaces get cluttered easily. Avoiding clutter, freeing up space, and creating storage can make a world of a difference in a small kitchen.

  • Pot rack—using a pot rack is a stylish way to free up space, store pots, and display them. Pot racks can be wall-mounted or hung from the ceiling.  
  • Cooking tool wall storage—wall storage can include pegboards, hang racks, magnet racks for knives and spice jars, etc.
  • Hideaway furniture—this is a creative approach to creating more space. Tuck away barstools or tables. Install roll-out kitchen cabinets or tables, wall-mounted cutting boards or slide cutting boards to your sink. This will free up space and make these things more accessible when you need them.
  • Free up counter space—there are plenty of ways to free up counter space, including installing a rolling butcher block or cart, a cooktop cover, or adding an island.
  • Additional shelving—adding more shelves and creating additional storage will free up space in a small kitchen. You can add shelves under your countertops, above your sink, or along any walls in your kitchen. Store your baking ware, bowls, and plates on shelves to show them off and free up cabinet space.

Add More Light

Lighting up a small space makes it feel larger. A dark kitchen will look and feel smaller than it really is. Shedding a little light on the situation can work wonders. If your kitchen is a little dark, brighten it up with a few of these tips.

  • Led light strips—put lighting under cabinets to lighten up countertops and create the illusion of more space. This will light up your workspace and accent your cabinetry. They can also be added under shelving.
  • Replace light fixtures and bulbs—outdated light fixtures can be darkening your space and making it look smaller than it really is. Replacing incandescent light bulbs can also be a big help. Go for the energy-saving and longer-lasting bulbs to brighten up your space and make it feel larger.
  • Add mirrors—adding mirrors in your kitchen can make it seem larger. Mirrors give an illusion of space and reflect light—which also gives the illusion of space.

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