How To Brighten Up Your Dark Kitchen

How To Brighten Up Your Dark Kitchen

A common complaint we hear about kitchens is that homeowners feel their kitchen is too dark. You spend so much time in your kitchen storing food, preparing meals and snacks, cleaning, and simply gathering with friends and family.

Your kitchen should be your most functional room in the house and especially inviting. Is yours? In most homes you can’t control WHERE your kitchen is without significant remodel, but you can make some changes for a lighter, brighter kitchen.

5 Ways How To Brighten Up Your Dark Kitchen

  1. Windows. Of course, our first step is to your windows. If you have a nice window or three in your kitchen, take a look at your window treatments or any obstructions from your yard. Trimming a bush or cutting down a tree could go a long way for improving the light in your kitchen, as well as swapping heavy curtains or plantations shutters for light gauze hangings. You can even convert doors into windows by using glass French doors or window-paneled doors into other rooms or the outside for even more light.
  2. Light Colors. Naturally, using lighter colors makes your kitchen seem brighter. Consider painting your cabinets the trendy white or a soothing light gray for more light catching and reflecting. Paint your kitchen a fresh tone of friendly pale yellow, or a summer sky blue and you’ll notice much more light in there.
  3. Light Fixtures. There’s a chance just changing your kitchen lightbulbs could make a huge difference, so give it a try. Another great option is to upgrade your light fixtures. Consider installing light bathing pendants or a chandelier that can better disburse your electrical light throughout the kitchen. Under the cabinet rope lights or hand lights can also increase brightness.
  4. Sledgehammer. Yeah, we said it. Take a sledgehammer to your doorway or an exterior wall. By opening up the walkways into your kitchen you can create more light flow. We highly recommend adding or expanding windows in the kitchen for your quality of life.
  5. Custom Cabinetry. The benefit of custom cabinetry for your kitchen is one of more functional and opened-up space. Custom cabinetry is designed for your exact kitchen, and will use the space completely, including dead space on the side of a fridge or up high. We use our custom cabinetry to maximize the light and space in your kitchen for the most enticing appearance.

Analyze the light in your kitchen throughout a normal day and you’ll find you could do with a little more brightness in the most important room in your home.


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