South Jordan: A City Evolved

Few cities can say they have changed as much as South Jordan over the last few decades.For about a century the South Jordan area was devoted to agriculture and featured rolling fields and small, sleepy communities.

As farming died out, the South Jordan area gradually became a suburban area. Sprawling neighborhoods dotted the landscape as schools and churches sprung up around them.

Eventually South Jordan tripled in size and population, becoming much more than the fields and farms of its past.

South Jordan is now a “bedroom community” of the Salt Lake Valley, meaning it’s a community that attracts people who work elsewhere but want the sense of neighborhood and community that they can only get outside of the bustling valley.Originally, when South Jordan began to develop more earnestly it was just these neighborhoods of families and residents with a few small local businesses. And it hasn’t stopped growing from there.The Daybreak community has brought significant development and business to the South Jordan area.

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Not only are there many more businesses, local and large, but schools, an additional LDS temple, parks and recreational areas, and more developments have turned South Jordan into a much more popular and functional city.

While it still serves as a commuter or bedroom community, thanks to the UTA rail stops, I-15 freeway, and new Mountain View Corridor, there are plenty of developments and businesses starting to put down roots in South Jordan to make it a bona fide city center of its own.

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