Must-Haves for Your Dream Bathroom

Must-Haves for Your Dream Bathroom

If you need some ideas for designing your dream bathroom, we’ve got you covered! At Mountain States Kitchen and Bath, we’re dedicated to helping you make your bathroom the bathroom of your dreams. With a few, affordable additions, your bathroom can be a luxurious experience.


Adding nice amenities to your bathroom is an easy way to upgrade. Top-quality bath and beauty amenities can make your bathroom feel luxurious no matter what condition it’s in. Try adding some quality soaps, body wash, shampoos, conditioners, smelling salts, oils, lotions, and other luxury items. These amenities will impress your guests and help your bathroom to smell amazing!

Towel Warmer

Want to step out of the shower and have a warm towel waiting for you? It can be difficult to get out of the shower knowing that as soon as you step out, there is cold air waiting to greet you. But when a towel warmer, you can step right into a nice, warm towel. Problem solved.

Heated Tile

Speaking of stepping out of a cold shower, wouldn’t it be nice to step onto some heated tile? Never suffer from cold feet again! Heated tile is a luxury that’s a must for any dream bathroom.

Rain Shower

A rain shower is a made up of a showerhead that rests high above you and rains down. Make showering a whole different experience with a rain shower. The rainfall like spray feels like a full drenching experience. It’s a large face showerhead that gives maximum coverage for a total body experience. No need to just have your shower stream hit your back or head—with a rain shower you can be totally covered.

Handheld Showerhead

Adding a hand-held showerhead can give you the flexibility that a fixed showerhead cannot. Handheld showerheads tend to be smaller but having a handheld alongside your other showerhead gives you the best of both worlds. A handheld showerhead helps you clean more thoroughly and gives you’re a more spa-like experience when showering.

Built-In Vanity

A built-in vanity in your bathroom will give you the luxury of having a beautiful place to get ready each morning. Add a light up a mirror and a hard-wired makeup mirror to optimal vision. Add a cushy seat and a soft rug for complete luxury.

Dual Sinks

Why have one sink when you could have two? Make your master bathroom a dream bathroom with two sinks. No need to share your space, having two sinks is more convenient than you may think. You never have to wait in line to brush your teeth or wash your face. You should have your own sink in your own bathroom.

Anti-fog Mirrors

After a long, hot shower, things can get steamy. Avoid the extreme fog that often comes along with a long shower with anti-fog mirrors. These fixtures work by keeping mirrors warm, preventing steam from attaching to the mirror.