8 Must-Haves for Your Dream Bathroom

Must-Haves for Your Dream Bathroom

Creating your dream bathroom involves more than just selecting the right tiles and fixtures. It’s about curating a space that elevates your daily rituals and offers sanctuary from the outside world. 

While you may have already considered the essentials like a spacious bathtub and high-quality faucets, some less obvious but equally important features can transform your bathroom into a luxurious retreat. 

In this article, we’ll explore eight must-haves for your dream bathroom that you probably hadn’t thought of, but will soon realize you can’t live without. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know! 

8 Must-Haves You Hadn’t Thought Of

From the right bath and body amenities to functional accessories, keep reading to see what you didn’t know you needed. 

1. Bath and Body Amenities

Adding nice amenities to your bathroom is an easy way to upgrade. Top-quality bath and beauty amenities can make your bathroom feel luxurious no matter its condition. It’s more about the experience you’re having than about your surroundings.

Try adding some quality soaps, body wash, shampoos, conditioners, smelling salts, oils, lotions, and other bathroom essentials. These amenities will improve your experience, impress your guests, and help your bathroom to smell amazing! 

2. Towel Warmer

A towel warmer, also known as a heated towel rack or towel rail, is a bathroom fixture designed to heat towels before you use them. Towel warmers come in various styles and configurations, including wall-mounted units, freestanding racks, and even drawer-style warmers that can be built into a vanity.

They can be electrically heated or connected to your home’s hot water system. Some models come with timers or thermostats, allowing you to control the heat level and duration.

So, why do you need one in your bathroom? For several reasons, including luxurious comfort, improved hygiene, saving space, and versatility. 

  • Luxurious comfort: There’s nothing quite like wrapping yourself in a warm towel after a shower or bath, especially during colder months. It adds a spa-like luxury to your daily routine.
  • Improved hygiene: Warmers can help dry towels more quickly, reducing the chance of bacterial growth, which thrives in damp conditions. This makes your towels more hygienic and less likely to develop unpleasant odors.
  • Space-saving: Wall-mounted towel warmers can serve as a functional piece of bathroom hardware, providing a place to hang and dry multiple towels, thus saving space on traditional towel racks or hooks.
  • Versatility: Beyond towels, you can use these warmers to heat other items like bathrobes or blankets. Some people even use them to dry delicate garments.

So, what are you waiting for? Add a towel warmer to your list of bathroom must-haves. 

8 Must-Haves for Your Dream Bathroom: Heated Tile

3. Heated Tile

Heated tiles, also known as radiant floor heating, involve the installation of electric or hydronic (water-based) heating systems beneath the tile flooring in your bathroom. These systems warm the floor surface, providing a comfortable, even heat that radiates upward.

Electric systems typically use heating mats or cables laid out in a grid pattern beneath the tiles, while hydronic systems use a series of tubes through which warm water circulates. Both systems are controlled by a thermostat, allowing you to adjust the temperature to your liking.

Heated tiles are all about comfort and uniform heating. You get to step onto a warm floor, a luxury during cold mornings or winter months. Uniform heating is unlike the traditional heating methods that can create hot and cold spots in a room. Radiant heating provides even, consistent warmth across the entire floor surface, making it a bathroom must-have. 

4. Rain Shower

A rain shower is made up of a showerhead that rests high above you and rains down. Make showering a whole different experience with a rain shower. The rainfall-like spray feels like a full drenching experience.

It’s a large face showerhead that gives maximum coverage for a total body experience. There is no need just to have your shower stream hit your back or head — with a rain shower, you can be covered. It’s a bathroom essential for us!

5. Handheld Showerhead

A handheld shower head is a detachable shower fixture that can be removed from its mount, allowing you to direct the water flow exactly where you want it. It is connected to a flexible hose, typically 5 to 7 feet long, allowing you to move it around. 

Handheld shower heads come in various styles, spray patterns, and features, including different pressure settings and even water filtration systems. Some models are standalone handheld units, while others come as part of a combo set that includes both a fixed and a handheld showerhead.

Handheld showers are versatile, easy to clean, pet- and child-friendly, and conserve water. Are you ready to add it to your list of bathroom must-haves?

  • Versatile: You can use it as a fixed shower head or remove it to focus the water on specific body parts, making it easier to rinse off soap and shampoo.
  • Easy to clean: Cleaning the shower or bathtub becomes much easier when you can direct the water flow to specific areas. You can also rinse cleaning products more efficiently.
  • Pet- and child-friendly: If you bathe your pets in the bathroom, a handheld shower head makes the process much simpler and less stressful for both you and your pet.
  • Conserve water: Many handheld shower heads come with adjustable settings to control the water pressure and flow, potentially saving water.

6. Built-in Vanity

A built-in vanity is a bathroom fixture permanently installed as part of the room’s architecture, rather than being a freestanding piece of furniture. It typically consists of a countertop with a sink, storage cabinets, and drawers, all integrated into a single unit that is fixed to the wall and sometimes even built between two walls. 

Built-in vanities can be customized to fit the dimensions and style of your bathroom, and they often match other built-in features like shelving or medicine cabinets. They come in various designs, materials, and finishes, allowing you to create a cohesive look that complements your bathroom’s overall aesthetic.

A built-in vanity will maximize your space, increase your storage, and enhance the functionality of your bathroom. It’s a bathroom essential, for sure. 

  • Maximized space: Built-in vanities are custom-fitted to your bathroom, making the most of available space. This is particularly beneficial in smaller bathrooms where every inch counts.
  • Increased storage: With cabinets and drawers, a built-in vanity provides ample storage for toiletries, towels, and other bathroom essentials, helping to keep your space organized and clutter-free.
  • Enhanced functionality: The countertop provides a convenient surface for daily rituals like brushing teeth, washing hands, or applying makeup. Some built-in vanities even include features like electrical outlets for hairdryers or built-in soap dispensers for added convenience.
8 Must-Haves for Your Dream Bathroom: Dual Sinks

7. Dual Sinks

A dual sink, often referred to as a “double vanity,” features two separate sinks and faucets within the same countertop or vanity unit. These sinks can be side by side or spaced apart, depending on the design and size of the vanity. 

Each sink typically has its own storage space, such as drawers or cabinets, allowing for individualized storage. Dual sinks are popular in master bathrooms, larger family bathrooms, or shared spaces where multiple people may need to use the bathroom simultaneously.

Having a dual sink will help you save time, give you personal space, and can even reduce conflict.

  • Saves time: One of the most significant advantages of a dual sink is that it allows two people to use the bathroom at the same time. This is particularly useful during busy mornings when everyone is trying to get ready.
  • Personal space: Each person has their own designated sink, faucet, and storage area, reducing clutter and making it easier to keep personal items organized.
  • Reduced conflict: Having separate sinks can reduce conflicts over bathroom time, cleanliness, and personal space, making for a more harmonious living situation.

8. Anti-fog Mirrors

An anti-fog mirror is a bathroom mirror treated with a special coating or built with a heating mechanism to prevent condensation from forming on its surface. This technology ensures the mirror remains clear and fog-free, even after a hot shower or bath when steam fills the room. 

Anti-fog mirrors come in various styles, sizes, and shapes, and some even include additional features like LED lighting, magnification, or built-in digital displays.

Anti-fog mirrors are convenient, offer improved visibility, and are safer.

  • Convenience: The most obvious benefit is the convenience of not having to wipe down your mirror after every shower. You can immediately use the mirror for grooming tasks like shaving or applying makeup.
  • Improved visibility: A fog-free mirror provides better visibility, making grooming tasks easier and more precise. This is particularly beneficial for activities that require attention to detail, like applying eyeliner or shaving.
  • A safe option: Wiping away fog with a towel or your hand can leave streaks or residue, impairing visibility and potentially leading to accidents. An anti-fog mirror eliminates this risk.

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