How to Make Your Small Bathroom Look and Feel Bigger


Making the most of a small space can be a daunting task. Bathrooms tend to be small rooms to begin with but make yours feel large and spacious with a few decorating tips.

White Finish and Bright Lighting

Bringing in more light is an effective way to make a small space feel larger. Using white in your decorating will give the room a more spacious and open feel as white reflects light instead of absorbing it. Bathrooms don’t often have much natural light but adding some bright lighting will create an illusion of space and openness. Good lighting makes all the difference.

Floating vanity and counter space

A floating vanity or counter in a tight space will help the area to feel more open. Plus, it’ll give you more storage space underneath for the daily essentials. This cool and sleek look will be both function and decorative.

Avoid Clutter

Cluttering up the minimal amount of room that you have will make it feel even smaller. Keep it clean and organized for a roomier feel. Maximize on storage space and keep more negative space as you make the room feel less stuffed.

Utilize Mirrors and Glass

Mirrors and glass, with their ability to reflect light, can make your space feel much bigger. A mirror can visually double the size of your room. Switch out your shower curtain for glass to make the entire square footage of your bathroom visible. If you’d still like to keep the privacy of a shower curtain, try a tinted glass.