Why You Need A Custom Bathroom Vanity

If you’re the type to browse fancy home design magazines or walk through the amazing Utah Parade of Homes, you know that often the most luxurious room in the house isn’t the living room, kitchen, or even the bedroom – it’s the bathroom. And why shouldn’t it be? You spend a significant part of your day in your bathroom and it’s critical for your everyday life.

Your bathroom should be functional, beautiful, and customized to meet your needs. Sometimes people look at those luxurious bathrooms with huge custom vanities and built-in cabinetry and think “That’s way too expensive” or “I don’t really need that in a bathroom.”

I’m here to tell you that it’s not as expensive as you think, and upgrading your master bathroom to include a custom vanity and built in cabinetry is something you’ll never regret.

Four Reasons to Get a Custom Bathroom Vanity

1. Storage – the biggest reason to upgrade to a custom bathroom vanity with cabinets is for the extra storage. No more stacking your extra toilet paper rolls on top of the toilet or leaving your makeup bag on the counter. You can add a closet of shelves, pull out drawers with customizable compartments, and large storage cabinets for all of the things your bathroom needs. You can also use the added space as a place to store your bedroom sheets, extra linens, and jewelry. Custom bathroom cabinetry can give you all the storage you need to help make your house look cleaner.

2. Function – if you’re married or live with someone it can be a source of frustration to wait for them to finish shaving, brushing teeth, or applying makeup. A great solution is to put in another sink in or adding another mirror and space with a custom bathroom vanity. You can also add a vanity table and bench along your bathroom counter. If you’ve got an oddly shaped bathroom, or you’d like to move your sink to a different wall, custom bathroom cabinetry can make it happen for you, and with ease!

3. Beauty – you already knew this, but custom bathroom cabinetry and vanities are better looking than basic builder grade countertops. You can choose your materials, color, finish, and shape to your exact specification in order to make your bathroom spa and Zen-like to aid in your relaxation. Floor to ceiling cabinets, mirrors, or molding is an absolutely stunning upgrade from a simple oak cabinet with a basic sink. You can help give your bathroom some wow factor with a custom cabinetry job.

4. Price – most people think that custom cabinetry is expensive or outside their price range. However, most people would actually be surprised at the cost – in a good way. Especially when you go through reputable professionals like Mountain States Kitchen and Bath. They are professionals who focus on quality and service.

Getting a custom bathroom vanity or specialized cabinetry for your Utah home is definitely not out of your price range when you work with them. Contact Mountain States Kitchen & Bath for a free quote or consultation. The upgrade will be well worth the affordable price you pay.

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