Why Should You Choose Custom Cabinets?

Your home has plenty of cabinets, in your kitchen, bathrooms, and storage rooms. Every home has them, and you probably use yours every single day. They don’t seem to have much variance from model to model or home to home. Or do they?

Many homeowners try to save a few dollars by going the builder-grade cabinet route. They choose the existing cabinet models in predesigned shapes and sizes, then find a way to make them work in their home. The price tag looks much less scary this way. And if these cabinets work for others then they’ll certainly work for us, right? Maybe. Or maybe they won’t.

Builder-grade, pre-made cabinets might work for some cookie cutter homes, but they can cost you more in the long run. How is that possible? Well they simply can’t pass the test of time. Basic cabinetry, even when made with good solid materials aren’t fitted to the exact specifications of your home, meaning there might be gaps, jams, or overly-stressed areas of cabinetry that attract more wear-and-tear.

Additionally, basic cabinetry is of simple design and can begin to look tacky or outdated as years go by and trends change. You may need to add or fix your cabinetry, or do a facelift – sand, stain, repaint, and/or add new hardware – just to keep your kitchen fresh and up to date.

Custom cabinets may seem unnecessary and expensive, but they’re actually one of the best and most affordable options for home builders, buyers, and renovators.

Custom cabinets can ensure that every inch of viable space is being carefully used in your kitchen or bathroom – maximizing kitchen or bathroom cabinet space for your entire family. Custom cabinets are a fantastic option for older homes or those with a unique layout, because you can put a sink in that weirdly shaped corner or add cabinets along a curved wall.

Custom cabinets are also great for those who love to entertain or who end up hosting large groups often. There are particular types of cabinetry, storage, and drawers to fit the exact needs of your home and family – customized to your preferences!

Custom cabinets are also more timeless. Their shape and modifications to your environment ensure the they will last much longer than the average builder-grade cabinetry, because they will be designed to function better for their position (i.e. water resistant near sinks, heat resistant near ovens, made for thick or thinner walls).

In addition, custom cabinets can be made to fit the exact style and interior design of your home. They will suit your design needs and match the trends much longer than a basic cabinet model. Because they are custom built they will look much more expensive and high-end, naturally, but you will be surprised at how affordable custom cabinets can actually be.

If you are building a home, buying an older home, or remodeling your current home, don’t be afraid to look into custom cabinets. Mountain States Kitchen & Bath can create the kitchen or bathroom of your dreams with custom cabinets, and we’d love to hear from you. Please contact us for a free estimate, or drop by our showroom at any time.


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