What Type of Sink is Right for You?

It used to be that everyone had the same type of sink – a big, white, ceramic tub mounted into your countertop and surrounded with caulk and tile. Luckily, times have changed and so have your options for sinks. Gone are the days of one giant sink to fit everyone’s needs.

Now you can choose whatever type of sink best fits your needs for your kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, and more. If you are building a home, finishing a basement, or remodeling your existing home, you definitely want to look into all the different types of sinks available within your budget at Mountain States Kitchen and Bath.


While porcelain and acrylic sinks are still popular and commonplace, the current favorite for sinks, especially in the kitchen, is stainless steel. Stainless steel is durable, light, beautiful, and very easy to clean. However, you might like the look of a copper sink, which is a trendy new option for modern homes. Stone sinks such as the indestructible quartz sinks are increasingly popular, and give a high-end look for a reasonable price. Special pedestal sinks, porcelain, and glass are still very popular and beautiful options for bathrooms as well.


How many basins do you want? One large basin may suit your needs perfectly. Single basins work great for people who use large pots and pans, do a lot of hand-washing of dishes, or wash large quantities of fresh produce.

Double basins are sometimes better – especially if you want a standard drain and a food disposal drain. It can be nice to have one side for washing and one for drying, or one side that is still useful even if items are soaking in the other basin. And if you get a double basin you will also need to decide how big they will be. One can be small and one can be large, one shallow and one deep, or they can be completely identical.

Mountain States Kitchen and Bath has many options and will find the one that’s right for you.


Top-mounted sinks have been the most popular in previous generations. These sinks are designed to be dropped into a hole in your kitchen counter, then caulked in for a seamless look. These are inexpensive and easy to install, making them a favorite of those who like to do-it-yourself.

Undermount sinks are the new favorite, though. These are mounted under the hole in the sink, making a completely flat countertop. It’s easier to clean and you can wipe your counter straight into the sink with no pesky ledges to catch crumbs, gunk, or water damage.

Farmhouse Sinks are another mounting entirely. They are usually huge basins, and the front of the sink shows on the exterior of the counter and cabinets. These are great for more rural or farm-style homes, or for anyone who loves a big, shiny sink!

No matter what you and your family need, the experts at Mountain States Kitchen and Bath will be able to find you a sink within your budget that you will absolutely love and use for the rest of your life!


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