What is Trending in Bathroom Remodels?

What is Trending in Bathroom Remodels?

Our bathrooms are our oasis after a long day, and where we get ready in the morning. If you’re ready for a bathroom remodel, it’s important to stay up-to-date on what’s trending.

To get you excited and inspired, read about the top 7 trends for bathroom remodels today.

Top Trending Bathroom Remodels

Here are the 7 designs to consider for upgrading and enhancing your bathroom.

1. One Material

Are you ready for the 80s to resurface? A top trending design for bathrooms came from that time of using one material for the whole space. A simple, yet elegant look, this bathroom trend makes use of just one material for everything from floor to ceiling. Tile is usually favored, but you can use concrete and even a graphic pattern to give the room a unique but bold look.

2. Marble

Who doesn’t love the classical beauty of marble? This trend is timeless but with a twist: larger one-piece marble slabs from floor to ceiling. Although not cheap, it’s one of the most durable materials available that lasts a lifetime. Best, it increases a home’s value, so you can’t go wrong with marble. Note to watch out about creating too much variation will leave the space looking too busy.

3. Tiles

Using tiles for your bathroom is another trend; however, it’s not the traditional tiling of yesteryear. Due to advanced technology, tile manufacturers can now create customized options that match your style. The newer designs are patterned with different shapes like diamonds, circles, and hexagons, with bold colors that make a statement. Chevron patterned tiles are also trending as flooring or backsplashes.

4. Wood

The luxurious design of wood is a hot trend now with people wanting a natural and calming look for their bathrooms. A luxurious cherry oak vanity evokes a sense of charm and an aged look that showcases the material’s rustic appeal. Implementing dark wood flooring and cabinets that are tall with plenty of drawer space gives the illusion of being in nature.

5. Tech

Smart homes are increasingly becoming popular and having technology such as heated systems and under-counter appliances. Integrating smart controls to operate a shower is great. With a single press of a button, you can preset the water to the right temperature. You can also use automatic faucets to save on water usage.

6. Freestanding Tub

This old-world design is among the top trending bathroom makeovers for 2020. Gone is the shower/tub combination, as more homes now have walk-in showers. Still, people want to soak in a tub, so a free-standing option solves that dilemma while creating a visual appeal with materials, shapes, and designs. A stand-alone tub requires more investment, but the increased home value is worth considering.

7. Lighting

Bathrooms have a reputation for being a dark area of the house, with maybe a small window. Granted, if you live in a rambler, privacy can be an issue; however, windows can now be made with privacy glass that still allows for light to filter in. LED lighting helps brighten the space and uses less energy while lasting longer.

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