What Bathroom Fixtures Are Popular?

What Bathroom Fixtures Are Popular

Given the amount of time we spend in the bathroom each day, it may be time to update your bathroom fixtures. 

A new faucet or shower head can really refresh your space, adding more comfort and relaxation to your day. Let’s talk about the fixtures in your bathroom, and what is most popular right now.


Customizing your faucets is a great way to update your bathroom, especially if your sink is currently sporting builder-grade options with low personality. Matte black, polished chrome, and natural brass have all been popular color and finish choices lately. You can also play with mixing metals for a balanced, lived-in look. Another popular choice in faucets and sink hardware is adding wall-mounted fixtures, for a look that is both modern and timeless.

Shower Heads

For many, the daily shower is an important ritual that is about more than just getting clean. Changing out the shower head can easily transform your shower experience, and doesn’t have to cost a fortune, either. Some bathroom fixtures that are especially popular right now are rain shower heads. These provide greater coverage and a more spa-like feeling of rain falling (hence the name). Just be sure to choose one that is pressurized and has an engine. If you have children or pets, adding a hand-held shower head unit can be life-changing, making it much easier to bathe.


One of the effects felt by nearly everyone during the year 2020 was shortages of basic household supplies. From flour to bleach to toilet paper, some items were hard to keep on the shelves while everyone sheltered at home. A surprising result was a dramatic rise in the sales of bidets in the US, driven mainly by toilet paper shortages! A common bathroom fixture in other countries, the bidet is becoming more widespread here in the United States. While luxury versions certainly exist, there are many very affordable options on the market today, and it’s worth considering adding a bidet to your commode. Besides the obvious diminished need for toilet paper, these fixtures are more eco-friendly and hygienic, making them a win for anyone’s bathroom.

Mirrors and Lighting

Yet another instant upgrade to your bathroom can be made by swapping out light fixtures and mirrors. Sconces are a trendy way to not only add visual interest, but to create softer, diffused light to the bathroom. Mirrors are another way to add personality to the bathroom, with a shift away from the large, single mirror to individual mirrors hung above each sink. Rather than a large, flat rectangle, you can add life and interest to the bathroom by using framed mirrors with rounded edges, arches, or even circular or oval shapes. Don’t forget about adding natural light, too. Replacing a window, or even adding one to a bathroom can completely transform the look and feel of the room.

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These are just some of the popular bathroom fixtures on the market today, but well worth your consideration. For a real transformation of your bathroom, look to Mountain States Kitchen and Bath for all your renovation needs. Our Lehi, Utah-based business has expert designers and craftsmen who are ready to assist you throughout the renovation process. Contact us today for a consultation!

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