What are the Best Colors To Paint The Kitchen?

What are the Best Colors To Paint The Kitchen?

So, it’s time to update your kitchen from the colorful decor you had back in the early 2000s, but you’re not sure what’s in style and trendy. In today’s blog, we’ll go over the best colors to paint your kitchen to compliment your countertops and appliances.

Best Paint Colors

Even though choosing kitchen paint colors depends on several factors, such as your preference and your desires, space, and more, here are the most popular colors:

  • White
  • Gray
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Green

These colors shine in a kitchen with the right decor. Warm colors, including red and green, are appetite-stimulating and an excellent option for kitchens. Red, in particular, comes in many shades that can make a kitchen pop. On the other hand, white can make a kitchen look crisp and clean and wake you up when you step inside. It’s also neutral, so you can add color to your backsplash or countertops if you don’t want an all-white kitchen.

Gray is making a splash in the kitchen, and with the right shade can pair beautifully with various colors to create a bold statement—but not too bold. Another color that works well in the kitchen is blue, but with lighter shades that can be calming and not overpower the room. If you like dark colors, just incorporate other neutral colors to tone down the boldness.

Yellow has been a favorite for many years and can immediately brighten and give the appearance of an enlarged room. It also has a calming and soothing color, so you feel happy and content. Pair with some white and gray accents, and your kitchen takes on a sunny disposition.

Green, such as mint or apple green, pair well with white and wood accents, plus will be eye-pleasing and a conversation starter. Emerald green, for example, provides a striking bolt of energy on an accent wall or as an island or even cabinets.

Decorative Painting

For homeowners with a creative passion, decorative painting not only makes a unique statement, but it also makes guests not want to leave. Some fun and exciting ways to paint decoratively include using:

  • Color Blocking – Using neighbors on the color wheel, you can create a statement that speaks to your style. As a rule, warm hues pair with cold, so keep that in mind. Painting your upper cabinets one color with the bottom another can enhance your personality and display a bold character.
  • Chalkboard Wall – This is an interesting and useful way to keep reminders, instead of just writing a list on paper. This decorative method works with a black wall where you have a lot of white or neutral colors.
  • Stripes – Rising in popularity, adding stripes to your kitchen can make it pop, whether it’s just a few or a whole wall for dramatic effect. Creating lines takes more time, but the result is worth it if you have the skills.
  • Stencils – Although not easy, it’s a cool way to make a statement on one of your walls. Choose one that makes the most significant impact.

Need New Countertops? Call Us

Along with repainting your kitchen, think about updating your countertops to match your new decor. We have beautiful granite, along with marble, quartz, limestone, and solid surface for you to choose from. Contact us for a consultation and let us transform your kitchen to one of your dreams!

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