Victorian vs. Standard Tubs

Victorian vs. Standard Tubs

If you’re remodeling your bathroom, you can choose between Victorian vs. standard tubs. It all depends on your individual needs and preferences; what works for your neighbor might not work for you. 

What does bath time look like in your house? It can be toddlers playfully splashing with rubber duckies. It can be wrangling a muddy dog who is not interested in soap. It can mean some candles and luxurious bubbles after a long day at work. 

What bath time means to you has a significant bearing on what kind of tub will work best for your situation, and we urge you to consider if your tub is working well for you.

Types of Tubs

We often encounter homeowners who are unaware of their options when it comes to bathtubs. They believe the standard or conversion shower/tub combo is all that will fit or work in their space. While the standard tub might work best for their needs, so many options might better suit their lifestyle. 

Today we’ll talk about the most popular options for tubs: Victorian and Standard. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about standard vs. Victorian bathtubs. 

Standard Tubs

Let’s start with the most common, functional tub: the standard tub. Standard tubs can fit well into tight spaces, work with a shower head option, and usually feature an alcove setting (three walls surrounding it). 

Standard tubs work well for a range of people. You can take a relaxing bath, bathe young children, wash your blinds or oversized items, etc. The standard tub is one-size-fits-all for most people and works well when used by lots of people in different contexts. Traditional tubs are also the most affordable option, so they work well if you’re on a tight budget. 

Let’s take a further look at the options for standard tubs:

  • Alcove/recessed
  • Tub/shower combos
  • Corner bathtub


You might be unfamiliar with the name, but alcove/recessed bathtubs are the most popular version you’ll see in most houses in the United States. The word “recessed” comes from the fact that they’re recessed into the wall. 

There are three walls surrounding the tub, with the fourth being absent so that you can get in and out when you bathe. It’s possible to have an alcove tub that’s only a tub, but most come with overhead showers. 

Tub/Shower Combos

While having a tub and a shower in your master bath might be ideal, it’s not always possible. Your space might be too small. In that case, a tub/shower combo is perfect for you. Tub/shower combos feature a showerhead that sprays into the bathtub, and they often have glass shower doors. 

Corner Bathtub

You’ll usually have a corner bathtub on its own, but it is possible to install a showerhead. The corner bathtub lives in the corner and is typically pentagonal in shape. There are two unfinished sides that go against the walls. 

Victorian Tubs

We have a soft spot for Victorian tubs. These deep soaker tubs are show-stoppers. They can go in the space of an alcove, in an open bathroom without surrounding walls, or even in the middle of a large room. 

There is such a spa-like feel to these tubs, and they accommodate adults who prefer relaxing baths much better than the standard tub option. Victorian tubs can create a luxury feel for a master bathroom that can make their home look more expensive and unique. 

Let’s take a closer look at your options for Victorian tubs:

  • Freestanding tub
  • Garden tub
  • Drop-in tub

Freestanding Tub

A freestanding tub is finished on all sides. There are multiple design options, including clawfoot tubs and modern bowl-like tubs. A freestanding tub can be wider and deeper than a standard tub, providing you with plenty of space for a luxurious bath so that you can soak away all of the day’s stresses. 

Garden Tub

A garden tub is like a freestanding tub, only it’s wide and deeper, providing that spa-like experience. Unlike more shallow tubs that only cover part of your body, you can enjoy a deep, full-body soak in a garden tub. 

Garden tubs take up a lot of space and cost more to install, so keep this in mind when choosing between freestanding and garden tubs. 

Drop-in Bathtub

Drop-in bathtubs are unique as all of the sides are unfinished. The tub can rest against a wall, but it doesn’t need to. It can also sit in the middle of the room, surrounded by your flooring. Drop-in tubs sit on a horizontal deck and have a raised lip to prevent overflowing or water damage to your floor. 

Drop-in bathtubs can be customized however you’d like, but they’re more complex to install, so be sure to get a professional’s help! 

Standard or Victorian: The Jetted Tub

Jetted tubs can fall into both standard and Victorian categories, depending on your personal preference and budget for the installation. You might prefer to bathe in an alcove without worrying about water spilling over the sides. Or, you might love the idea of bathing in a fancy tub. 

Jetted tubs are an ideal form of hydrotherapy if you suffer from burns, lesions, or arthritis, among other conditions. The Centers for Disease Control recommend getting a jetted tub over going to a public hydrotherapy pool as there’s a lower risk of infection.

Mountain States Kitchen and Bath

It’s time to decide if your tub is working for you. Do you need a deep soaker? A walk-in tub? A beautiful spa-style tub? We can help with that.

Mountain States Kitchen and Bath specializes in all things bathrooms – from sinks and countertops to Victorian and standard tubs. We serve the greater Salt Lake and Utah counties areas, and we’d be thrilled to work with you to create the bathroom you want. 

Get started today by calling us at 801.268.2200 or by visiting our website. We’ll be happy to discuss your plans with you, whether that be a simple replacement or an extensive bathroom remodel. Contact us today to get started!

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