Top 8 Best New Year’s Cocktails

Top 8 Best New Year’s Cocktails

Have you picked out the perfect dress or suit for the biggest party of the year and are ready to ring in 2020 with friends, family, and food? Then stay tuned to read about eight perfect cocktails to complement your New Year’s Eve.


Happy New Year

What better way to drink to the new year than with the Happy New Year cocktail. Yes, that’s the name and is entirely appropriate to toast at midnight. With a sparkling mix of brandy, ruby port, and orange juice, the flavors tickle your taste buds and make for a fantastic base for your favorite champagne.


Twentieth Century

Yes, we know we’re well into the 21st century, but this cocktail must be included in this list. This classy drink comes straight from the early 1900s and combines crѐme de cacao, Lillet Blanc, with lemon juice in your favorite gin. The result is the perfect gin martini with a splash of citrus and rich chocolate.


Midori Melon Ball Drop

This fun and sassy cocktail offers you a fruity, yet tart taste that blends lime green Midori and a few lemons, in a citrus vodka base. Top it with melon ball garnish and the Elderflower liqueur to ring in the new year. 


Midnight Martini 

On New Year’s Eve, you need a cocktail that keeps you awake long into the new year, and that’s where the midnight martini does its job. It’s a simple recipe that includes just a few ingredients. Since coffee is the base, you can combine it with espresso vodka and coffee liqueur to pep you up for partying well into the night. Add a little cinnamon syrup for some extra spice.


Leap Year

2020 is a leap year, so this cocktail is very fitting to ring in the new year. This classic cocktail in a base of gin and sweet vermouth is an excellent base for adding both lemon juice and Mariner for a delicious drink. Enjoy this timeless cocktail with friends at midnight. 


Black Velvet

Want a smooth cocktail that combines both beer and Guiness Stout? Check out Black Velvet that mixes dark, heavy beer with light but bubbly wine to balance out your senses. This traditional cocktail offers the best of both worlds to clink in the new year. 


Good Luck Charm

Who couldn’t use a little luck going into the new year? With this blend of tart and sweet taste, ready your tastebuds for a treat. This fun bourbon-based drink blends the cherry flavor of limoncello and a homemade lemon sour with a refreshing taste of spearmint. Cheer the new year with this cocktail on New Year’s Eve.


Pomegranate Poinsettia

The poinsettia drink is a holiday classic with champagne and cranberry mixed. The pomegranate poinsettia puts a new twist on the holiday classic with orange juice replacing cranberry juice with a shot of pomegranate liqueur added — the result: a fruity and sweet cocktail to bring in 2020 with a bang.  

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