Top 5 Custom Kitchen Cabinet Trends

If you’re building a new home you may check blogs, walk through home shows, and the Home Depot attendants may know you by name. You might be up to date on the newest custom kitchen cabinets, or you may be living in blissful ignorance, using the same cabinets that have existed since the 80s or before.

What you may not know is that cabinets look very different today than they did five years ago. You may have fallen behind and not even know it.

Even if you’re completely happy with your cabinet situation, it isn’t a bad idea to know what the current trends are out there in the world!

5 Trends for Custom Kitchen Cabinets

  1. Light & Clean: White, cream, or off-white cabinets are becoming increasingly popular in cottage and traditional kitchens all over the country. It brings a bright, light-soaked feeling to any kitchen, especially if you enjoy a lot of natural light in your kitchen area. If you’re worried that it will look too plain or boring, adding a pop of color with backsplash or a flashier hardware on the cabinets can make a big difference.
  2. Specialized Cabinets: You might be familiar with Lazy-Susan cabinets and cabinets with a spice rack, but the customized storage options these days are incredible. You can install a breadbox, cutting boards, vertical slots for cookie sheets and pizza stones, even pull-out baskets for produce like onions and potatoes. Deep drawers with compartments for utensils, garbage cans, and shelves on rolling racks can increase your functionality in your kitchen. And if there’s something you want that doesn’t exist yet – custom kitchen cabinets can be created for you!
  3. Built-In Appliances: Mount your oven flush with your cabinetry. Put cabinet panels on your fridge, dishwasher, and any other appliances for a unified look. Not only will you avoid the fingerprints and water stains on your stainless steel appliances, but the entire kitchen will look clean and cohesive.
  4. Transparency: A beautiful new trend is glass-front cabinet doors to display your more appealing dishes, cookbooks, and decorations. Just a few in your kitchen can make a huge difference. Another good option is a section of open shelving in lieu of traditional cabinets. Show off some of your favorite possessions and enjoy increased accessibility.
  5. Floor to Ceiling: Rather than some high cabinets and some low cabinets, many kitchens are now featuring full walls or smaller zones with a solid block of multi-sized cabinets from floor to ceiling. The space is very well-utilized, and if you go with new, beautiful cabinets it ends up being very visually appealing.

The good news is that whether you need new cabinets for a new home or an unfinished basement, or you’re just looking to remodel or touch up your existing kitchen – the experts at Mountain States Cabinetry will be able to do the job affordably and with precision. Call them today or request a free estimate, or visit their showroom and see some of their amazing work.


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