Top 5 Bathroom Cleaning Hacks

Cleaning the bathroom is not a coveted task.

No one wants to do it. We all put it off. We wait until the last possible moment to scrub the scum and hair and water spots off each surface of our bathroom – usually as guests are on their way to our house.

If you’re like us, you could use some helpful bathroom cleaning hacks to keep your bathroom cleaner with less effort. Here are our top 5 best bathroom cleaning hacks to make your life a little better.

How To Hack Your Bathroom Cleaning ?

Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner

You don’t need expensive toilet bowl cleaners or tons scrubbing with your head in the toilet. The simple and age-old combination of baking soda and vinegar will clean basically any surface, and it has the added benefit of working hard on tough stains without needing scrubbing. Add a paste of baking soda and vinegar to your toilet and watch the lines and stains disappear.

Get A Baby Oil Shine

Are your metal fixtures looking a little worse for the wear? Remove water stains, fingerprints, and other markings with just a drop or two of baby oil! Soon your metal surfaces will be shiny mirrors and impressive to everyone. The yummy baby smell is just an added bonus.

Put Fruit In Your Tub

Really? Yep. Cut a grapefruit in half, dip the pulp in salt, and scrub away. The grapefruit has cleansing properties, helps break down scum, and smells amazing. The salt scrubs away scum and buildup with ease. Salt and grapefruit are natural and safe, not to mention much less expensive than traditional bathroom cleaners.

Use Laundry Sheets & Cooking Spray

Wipe down walls and shower doors with dryer sheets! They’re cheap and it’s easy to do weekly without too much scrubbing or smelly chemicals. If you have more buildup – reach for the non-stick cooking spray! It breaks down grime and also prevents future soap scum, hair, or other gross things from sticking to the surface. Because it’s non-stick!

Strip Your Shower Head

Do you have buildup on your shower head? Almost everyone does, and if you’re living with hard water you probably have enough that could clog the water channels. You can fill up a sandwich bag with vinegar and then tie it around the spout head. Let it soak overnight and then wipe it down in the morning. Voila! No more hard water buildup.

The bathroom cleaning hacks don’t stop there. There are plenty of ways to keep your bathroom clean and fresh without extreme effort, expensive chemicals, or lots of scrubbing. Natural items found around your house can be just as effective, and much more affordable.

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