The Top 3 Ways To Update Your Bathroom

Bathrooms are often the last on the list for an update. Kitchens come first, since they serve multiple functions and are vital for every member of the family every single day. Next it’s living areas like the family room or possibly the yard. Then it’s often the bedrooms since kids and adults alike grow out (or just grow tired) of their rooms after years of the same old thing. Bathrooms, especially private and un-shared bathrooms, fall way down the list since they only affect one or two people and feel like a significant challenge.

Updating your bathroom, however, can be a hugely rewarding project. You don’t realize just how much time you spend in your bathroom, or how outdated, inefficient, and even GROSS they can become after years and years of use. The good news is that updating your bathroom can be really really easy and have a dramatic effect on your life.

There are a lot of ways to update your bathroom, but most of them boil down to these top three ways to update a bathroom, ranked from easiest and least intrusive, to more intense.

  1. Redecorate: This is the easiest possible way to update your bathroom, and all it takes is a quick trip to your nearest Target or Walmart! If you’re afraid of big remodels or you’re not very into the DIY trend, you can still get a big bathroom update feel just from a few new purchases. Start by pulling off any art from the walls, or decorations from the counters. Assess the space and decide how many items you might need or want to hang. Ditch your old funky towels and rugs. And definitely throw that shower curtain away – STAT. Go through your bathroom cabinets to discard any extra or old items, and make a good shopping list. Get fresh new towels and rugs, a beautiful new shower curtain, a counter decoration or two and a few new pieces for the walls. Browse Pinterest or home design blogs for a theme or ideas. Don’t forget to grab a new soap and maybe some organizers for the cabinets.
  2. Face-lift: If you’re a little more handy or interested in a cheap DIY project – a bathroom and cabinet face-lift could be the right choice for you. Paint or stain your cabinet for a more updated feel in your bathroom. Fresh soft whites are very popular now, as are dark stained woods. While you’re at the paint store grab a trendy new color for the bathroom walls, too! And it never hurts to try some new hardware on your bathroom cabinets for an amazing update effect. With new walls, freshly painted bathroom cabinets, and new hardware – it will look like a completely different bathroom!
  3. Remodel: Maybe your house is stuck in the 80s. Or maybe you have a strangely designed corner bathroom. Maybe you want to turn that tub shower into a walk-in stand up shower. Maybe you need more bathroom cabinet storage. A remodel can be as big or small as you want, and it’s not as expensive as you think. A bathroom cabinet remodel from Mountain States Cabinetry is fast, efficient, and the highest possible quality. They can custom create bathroom cabinets to meet the exact needs of your home and family. Call them today for a consultation about your bathroom update dreams – and see if they can become a reality.


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