Top 3 Cabinet Trends in 2018


Decades ago the kitchen was usually hidden around corners in the back of the house where guests rarely ventured. It was where people prepared food and washed dirty dishes out of sight. But in 2018 social dynamics have changed, and so has the role of the kitchen.

Today there is a bigger focus on open concept floorplans. These designs often make the kitchen the center of the home. It is the hub—the place where people gather together to work, mingle, eat, and play. Because it has become such a focal point and serves many purposes this space needs to be beautiful, functional, warm and welcoming. And because most homeowners hate the clutter, cabinets are still a big favorite in most kitchens. But what cabinetry trends do homeowners favor in 2018?

Here Are The Top 3 Cabinet Trends in 2018:

More Custom Storage Solutions

In the past, one of the biggest annoyances with cabinetry was the waste of space. Basic shelves and drawers left a lot of unusable space. And an inefficient kitchen without adequate storage will lead to endless challenges and frustrations. Fortunately, cabinetry contractors and manufacturers have found better solutions. A few solutions high on the list of priorities include caddies for pots and pans, tray dividers, wastebasket pull-outs, and small appliance garages. There are also spice pull-outs, deep drawers, and pet food storage and feeding stations. These make organization a breeze and help reduce clutter that tends to collect on countertops.

Light and Natural Colors

Clean and simple colors and lines are fast favorites for many homeowners. White is timeless and there are so many options like bright white, ivory, off-white, and cream. It is sure to remain one of the most popular color choices for many years. Coming in at a close second is grey because it is such a versatile color. And the third color trend in kitchen cabinets this year is blue or green. Everything from dark navy and hunter green to light coastal blue and seafoam is very popular. Many homeowners are also adding interest to the kitchen by choosing two-tone cabinetry with the lighter colors up top and the darker on the bottom or as part of an island.

Simple Design with Accented Hardware

Simple styles are high on the list. Raised panel doors and partial overlays are on the way out. Instead, most homeowners in 2018 favor simple, frameless cupboard doors or inset cabinetry But because cabinets are so simple, many homeowners are choosing to accent their kitchen with bold hardware. The gold, glass, and black knobs and handles are widely popular. They are like the jewelry detail of the kitchen, meant to make a statement.

If you are remodeling your kitchen, don’t fall for a fad. You want functional and stylish kitchen cabinets you will still love ten years from now. These top cabinet trends have real staying power. But still, the choice is up to you. For more guidance on finding the right cabinets for your home contact us to schedule a consultation.


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