Summer Kitchen Setup

Summer Kitchen Setup

As the seasons change, so should your kitchen. Especially as you near summer break. Your kids will be out of school and spending much more time in your home – and don’t they love the kitchen? It’s time to make your kitchen a more welcoming place for summer holidays.

You’ll have kids hanging out in your kitchen, making their own lunches and snacks, and you’ll be preparing for barbecues, pool days, and vacations in the same kitchen. How can you optimize your kitchen to host, entertain, and prepare for the summer months? We have a few ideas.

Summer Kitchen Setup Tips

  1. Fruit Bowl: You can encourage healthier snacking AND use up the plentiful farmer’s market haul by stationing a fruit bowl in an accessible spot in your kitchen. Keep it full of fresh fruits and even vegetables so that it’s easier to snack healthy.
  2. Entry Organization: If you want to prevent sand, dirt, and grass clippings from treading into your kitchen, you can set up an entryway that encourages cleanliness. Place doormats inside and outside your door closest to your kitchen. Station a catchall shoe storage within the door, and possibly even a bucket outside to stash baseball bats, soccer balls, butterfly nets, and any other outside toys that could bring in dirt.
  3. Sandwich Stations: One way to ensure successful lunches is to create “stations” for your kids to make their own lunches. In your fridge and pantry, use boxes or baskets to organize materials such as sandwich ingredients or stuff for salads or quesadillas.
  4. Family-Friendly Improvements: If you’ve been thinking about making some updates or improvements to your kitchen, summer is a great time. You can enlist the help of your entire family for projects like a backsplash or repainting your kitchen cabinets. Or if you’re in the market for a more serious renovation it can be nice to take a vacation and come home to a brand new kitchen, courtesy of the experts at Mountain States Kitchen & Bath.
  5. Upgrade Seating: Make your kitchen a more comfortable place for your family to gather. Add an extra barstool or two to your kitchen island, or increase the comfort level by adding cushions. Consider an update of your dining table with more casual and portable seating that can be pulled around for a party atmosphere.

Soon your kitchen can be full of warm summer air and sweet summer fruits. Taking steps to improve your kitchen for summer can mean huge benefits for your family.


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