Spring in Your Kitchen

Spring in Your Kitchen

When spring arrives we are desperate for a refresh. We want to get out of our houses and into our yards and parks. We may set up an ambitious plan for our yards and gardens, and pull out the sports equipment.

But what about your kitchen?

We spend so much time in our kitchens, regardless of the season. After a long winter of heavy foods and celebrations, you may be a little tired of your kitchen and all the recipes you’ve been using. Why not prepare for a little spring refresh in your kitchen?

  • Spring Cleaning: The best way to fall back in love with your kitchen is some great spring cleaning. Set aside some time to deep clean and de-junk your kitchen. Throw out trash and unused items to free up space. A sparkling kitchen is much more inviting than one with sticky corners in the cabinets.
  • Open Windows: A burst of fresh spring air can work wonders, even if it is still a little brisk. Open windows and doors to air out your kitchen while you clean or for an energizing burst in the morning. Begin opening your blinds right away, and wash up those windows so it’s even more bright in your kitchen.
  • Eat Fresh: Head for your local farmer’s market and stock up on some of the delicious seasonal foods for spring. Strawberries, lemons, mandarins, grapefruit, artichokes, peas, spinach, brussels sprouts, avocados, and rhubarb can really invigorate your kitchen and recipes. Buy what’s fresh and then find recipes to integrate those ingredients.
  • Design Refresh: Maybe it’s time to consider a kitchen update. Paint your kitchen cabinets or consider a cabinet reface, or custom cabinetry. Hang some art or try some open shelving instead of your old cabinets. A few small touches can make your kitchen feel renewed after a long and dark winter season, even if it’s just a new tray or tablecloth.
  • Aromatherapy: At the very least, why not try a new and springy scent in your kitchen? Florals are always popular for spring, but you can also try a fresh herb scent if you want a more universal aroma. Candles, wax melts, sprays, or best of all – fresh flowers or herbs themselves! Place them in a pretty vase or planter for extra punch.

Your kitchen matters, and the dark winter is over. Spend some time on a kitchen refresh and you will not be disappointed.

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