5 Space-Saving Ideas for Your Kitchen

Kitchen Renovation: 5 Space-Saving Ideas for Your Kitchen

Are you feeling cramped in your kitchen? Consider some of these space-saving ideas that will make your kitchen feel spacious and organized. 

There are so many ways that you can save space in your kitchen by doing a few cabinet upgrades. Here are some great ideas that will help you create a clutter-free kitchen. 

1. Cabinet Slots for Cutting Boards, Platters, and Sheet Pans

When you order your kitchen cabinets, consider adding some vertical slots so you can easily organize all your long, flat dishes and cookware. By creating a place for you to store your cutting boards and baking sheets on their side rather than laying them flat, you’ll be surprised to find how much space you’re saving.

2. Put Your Favorite Items on Display

Floating shelves are a great way to add another place to store things. Sometimes there is not enough space in your kitchen for cupboards, so a floating shelf might just be the perfect alternative. Hanging open shelving in your kitchen is sure to free up some counter space. Plus, you can put your favorite things up there for easy access or for display. Like Better Homes and Gardens suggests you can use your open shelving to give quick access to everyday dishware. Things like coffee mugs, cereal bowls, and small plates can be at your disposal for busy mornings and mealtimes.

3. Hide Your Countertop Appliances

As far as space-saving ideas go, this might be the most innovative one yet! Between the toaster, stand mixer, blender, and coffee maker, you might feel like you’re running out of counter space. But did you know that many cabinet companies can make customer cabinets that will conceal said appliances? There are so many options like cabinets that only hide appliances to cabinets with pull-out surfaces so you can use the appliance without ever having to pull it out and set it on the counter. 

4. Island Cupboards and Drawers

Your kitchen island is so much more than a prep space. If you’re remodeling your kitchen, add drawers and lower cabinets to your island. You’ll not only be able to store more in your kitchen, but if you make a habit of preparing food on your island, you can keep everything you need within an arm’s reach.

5 Organize Your Drawers With Custom Built-Ins 

Did you know that you can add custom built-ins to your drawers to make for easy organization when you order your cabinets? Rethink your drawer storage by adding a spice organizer, or create sections in your drawers to organize your cooking utensils. When it comes to drawer built-ins, the sky’s the limit!

Save Space With New Cabinets from Mountains States Kitchen and Bath

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