Space-Saving Ideas for Your Bathroom


Look for more organization and less clutter in your bathroom? Take a look at this list of space-saving ideas you should try!

Bathrooms are one of the smallest rooms in your house, but with how much time is spent there, it’s essential that your bathroom is equipped with all the right storage and space-saving solutions to maximize your small area. Take a look at our favorite ideas to make your bathroom into an organizer’s dream!

Two-in-One Mirrors 

Every bathroom is not complete without a mirror, but when space-saving is on your mind, switching a plain wall-mounted mirror to a mirror with storage behind it is invaluable. If you want the mirror flushed with the wall, there are also built-in options where the shelves are in the wall, and the mirror acts as a door over the storage space. 

Organizers Inside Cabinet Doors

Adding storage space to the back of your cabinet doors might not have been your first idea, but it’s definitely helpful! Hang little cubbies where you can store toothbrushes or magnetic strips, allowing you to store bobby pins and manicure sets with ease. Customized options are typically available through your custom cabinetry company

Organize the Drawers with Built-In Options

When saving space is especially important, making sure everything has its own place is essential. You can get built-in organizers for your drawers and cabinets. Consider adding shelves to your cupboards to maximize space, and add a built-in organizer to your drawers, so you always know exactly where to find something. 

Open Shelving

Something we can all agree on, open shelving when done right, is beautiful. Have some shelves made, or find some to hang yourself, and get creative with ways to beautify the shelves. Choose to store things in baskets, add some small nick-nacks, or neatly fold your towels and put them on display.

Vanities With Plenty of Storage

Sure, a floating sink or counter might be tempting due to its sleek look, but if you’re looking for space-saving ideas for the bathroom, nothing beats a vanity with lots of storage. Choose a customized vanity cabinet that will serve all your storage needs, and then some! Plus, if you’re looking for that sleek look, customized cabinet options provide you with plenty of ways to get the look you want with the storage you need.

Utilize the Space Over the Toilet

There are a couple of ways you can do this. One popular way is to have a storage cabinet installed on the wall over the toilet. This will not only provide you with the necessary storage you need but depending on the type of cabinet or cubby you choose could be the centerpiece of the room. 

Another great idea for utilizing this space is to extend a bit of your counter over the back of the toilet tank. If your space allows you to do this, you’ll have some extra counter space where you can store items or decorate the space to be more welcoming. 

Mountain States Kitchen and Bath for Cabinetry 

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