Selecting The Best Kitchen Sink Configuration

When you select a kitchen sink, you have a chance to make your kitchen convenient with your choice of sink configuration.

You can purchase a sink with a single bowl or with multiple bowls to aid food preparation and dishwashing.

In addition, you can add multiple sinks in your kitchen to create additional work centers. How can you decide on the best sink configuration for your kitchen?

Do You Need a One, Two, or Three Bowl Kitchen Sink?

If you are remodeling your kitchen by adding a new sink and countertops, you may be limited to find one that fits with the size sink opening you had before. A single or double sink fits in the same space, but if you go bigger, to a triple sink, you need more available counter space to work with, or you risk losing valuable counter space. In addition, you may need custom cabinets to support a larger sink.

Double bowl models are handy if you do a considerable amount of hand dishwashing, so you can keep the soapy water in one section and do the rinsing and draining in another. If you have a dishwasher that you use for most dishes, a single bowl model will serve you well for washing pots and pans or baking accessories. On the holidays, when you pull out your mother’s priceless crystal, you can put a plastic dishpan in the single sink for washing your finery.

Special Sinks for Special Needs

In selecting multiple sinks, you have many choices that add to the function of the sink. For example, you can find a low center section that is very handy for washing pans, as you can set the pan on the divider and have it in a good position for thorough cleaning.

Other multi-bowl units have sections of varying heights, such as one bowl that is very deep. This is great for washing large pots, but can strain your back if you do a lot of dishwashing. Some bowls are higher, which makes them useful for prepping food. If your kitchen sink is located in a corner, you can effectively use the space without compromising counter space.

More Sinks Add More Function

Some homeowners install additional sinks to make workstations out of their islands, bars or coffee stations within the kitchen. Families that cook a lot of pasta enjoy pot filler faucets that eliminate the task of carrying a pot of water across the kitchen. In this case, the pan itself becomes the sink part of the equation. While features such as multiple sinks and specialize faucets are common in large kitchens, they are gaining popularity in smaller ones as well.

When deciding what type of sink to add to your kitchen, it is important to think carefully about the function you have in mind. You should make a decision based on the size and layout of your kitchen as well as on how you anticipate using your sink.

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