Scratched Cabinets: Can You Fix Them?

Scratched Cabinets: Can You Fix Them?

Scratched cabinets are inevitable, especially when you’re dealing with wood. Scratches and chips can make your furniture look worn and old, but luckily there are plenty of methods today that you can use to fix these imperfections. You may be surprised to learn that these fixes can be achieved through a bit of time commitment and everyday household items. 

Make Sure You’re Dealing with Scratched Cabinets

This may sound silly, but your first step should be making sure that your cabinets are actually scratched. Sometimes, wax buildup can imitate the look of a scratch, and clearing the wax will let you see if you’re dealing with a scratch or not.

For Lightly Scratched Cabinets 

When it comes to light scratches, you won’t have to put in too much work to make them disappear. You can rub them out with your finger or a damp cloth most of the time. If you’re dealing with darker furniture, you can use things like furniture polish walnut oil, and in some cases, you can even use the meat of a nut to replicate the effect of walnut oil. Light scratches may not even require you to use a material of the same color, and you’ll most likely barely even feel them afterward. 

For Deep Scratches

Deeper scratches are a little more complex and require more work to ensure they aren’t noticeable. You’ll need both a product that will match your cabinet’s color and fill in the scratch so that you won’t feel it when you run your finger across it. Some common and effective ways to fix deeply scratched cabinets include:

  • Applying iodine using a cotton swab. Iodine is especially effective with darker woods.
  • Using a cotton swab to apply shoe polish that is the same color as your cabinets.
  • Using wood filler sticks or crayons to fill in scratches. The excess should be removed after application using something like a credit card.
  • Creating a paste from black tea or instant coffee to fill the scratch. Like wood fillers and crayons, you’ll need to wipe off the excess to make sure that the filling is flush with the surface.

If you’re dealing with severe scratches or other damages, your only option may be to sand down your cabinets and repaint them. This may be cheaper than installing a new cabinet, but you also have to consider the time it will take and if you need to go out and get the materials necessary. 

Call Mountain States Kitchen and Bath for Your Scratched Cabinet Replacement

While there are effective ways to fix scratched cabinets, severe damage can be irreparable. If you need to replace your kitchen cabinets, make sure to reach out to the experts here at Mountain States Kitchen and Bath. From Salt Lake City to Pasyon, we have transformed homes all around Utah, and we can guarantee that you’ll be happy with our work. Get your free quote today and see how we can bring your vision to life. 


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