Remodeling Small Bathrooms Without Increasing The Footprint

Remodeling small bathrooms can create better functionality even when you cannot expand the footprint of the bathroom. In some homes, knocking down the wall to steal some space from another room or bumping out the house a couple feet is not an option. A good designer and contractor can make the most of a small space with smart layout decisions, creativity, and fresh looking materials.

The process of remodeling a small bathroom is not necessarily the same as remodeling a small space on a small budget. When you have just a few dollars to spend, most changes tend to be a blend of optical illusions, whereby you make the room look bigger, and adding some storage options to maximize space. Small bathroom remodels on a bigger budget might involve moving plumbing and replacing fixtures as well.

Rethink Your Use of Space

When what was intended to be a full bathroom is tiny, every inch of space matters. Taking out the bathtub and replacing it with a walk-in shower saves space, and using a frameless glass shower enclosure makes the room seem more open. Another approach is to omit the shower enclosure or the shower curtain and create a space with a floor drain that requires no barriers.

In a small bathroom, moving the toilet or sink over just a couple inches can be a costly job that is well worth the expense. When people are using the bathroom, they do not want to feel cramped, so plumbing fixes that add an inch or two in just the right places, while costly, can improve comfort. In addition, moving a fixture a small amount can create a bigger space for storage.

Make Light Your Friend When Remodeling Small Bathrooms

Small spaces are a good match for light colors. This does not always mean white, as the design world embraces glass tile that can both beautify and lighten up the room. Often made of recycled material, glass tile can be clear, opaque, bubbled, or jewel-like, as it captures light, adds depth, and creates interest in the space. While white or light subway tile is also popular in shower areas and other bathrooms spaces, glass tile beautifully detracts from the smallness.

Adding windows may not be an option in the bathroom, especially if it is not located on an outside wall. To bring light into the room, skylights can be a way to open up the space by bringing in light. Skylights work best when the room where they will be installed is right below the roof, but tubular skylights can run through attics to bring the light through to the room below. They can also help hide exhaust fan grills and include light fixtures to illuminate the shower at night.

When you need expertise in remodeling small bathrooms, Mountain States Kitchen and Bath offers design and construction services you need to make the most of a small space; contact us today for a free consultation.

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