Pedestal Sink vs. Vanity – Which Should You Choose?

edestal Sink vs. Vanity – Which Should You Choose?

When building or remodeling a home there are a series of choices you need to make. Some have unlimited options, such as paint colors or carpet types. Some are do-you or don’t-you, like adding a fence or leaving your yard open. Thankfully some of the easiest decisions are between two options. The information is much more accessible and if you are still indecisive – you can always flip a coin!

Today we’re talking about the choice for your powder room, or any bathroom really. What do you do about the sink? Do you choose a beautiful sculpted pedestal sink? Or should you go with the traditional vanity option? It all depends on what you want.


The pedestal sink is a popular option for a powder room, because it packs a design punch. Pedestal sinks are a very elegant option that makes your bathroom look more custom and professionally appointed. Pedestal sinks are great if you’re going for a minimalist option, because they don’t have the potential for clutter like a countertop.
Pedestal sinks will come with a variety of options for your specific taste. Pedestal sinks work best in powder rooms that are really only powder rooms. They should only be used in bathrooms where no extra storage or counter space is needed.

Vanity Sink

Using a vanity sink as an option in your powder room or bathroom has a lot of advantages. Vanity sinks can work very well in corners or oddly-proportioned bathrooms where a pedestal sink would look measly or small. Vanity sinks offer additional storage underneath, which can be a major upgrade for small homes needing space. Another benefit of a vanity sink is the counter-space. If you have a home full of girls needing space to get ready in the mornings you know how critical an extra bathroom counter can be.

Vanity sinks may not be as stylish as a pedestal sink, but they can still be stunning. If you choose custom carpentry and modern design, your vanity sink in a bathroom can be a focal point as well as functional storage.

It really comes down to the usage of your powder room or bathroom. Do you need extra storage and counter space? Does the bathroom have the adequate space for a vanity cabinet? Would a pedestal sink look small and silly? It’s up to you to determine what will work best for your bathroom.

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