Pedestal Sink vs. Vanity – Which Should You Choose?

Pedestal Sink vs. Vanity – Which Should You Choose?

Remodeling a bathroom is an exciting time filled with notable decisions, like choosing a pedestal sink or vanity, so let’s look at the two options.

During renovations, some choices you’ll make will have unlimited options, such as paint colors or carpet types. Some are do-you or don’t-you, like adding a fence or leaving your yard open. Thankfully some of the easiest decisions are between two options. 

Today we’re talking about the choice for your powder room or any bathroom. What do you do about the sink? Do you choose a beautifully sculpted pedestal sink? Or should you go with the traditional vanity option that offers storage? It all depends on what you want. 


A pedestal sink is a popular option for a powder room or half-bath because it packs a design punch. These sinks are an exquisite option that makes your bathroom look more custom and professionally appointed. Pedestal sinks are great if you’re going for a minimalist option because they don’t have the potential for clutter like a countertop. However, we should point out that if storage is what you’re searching for, a sink like this may not be the best option.

Pedestal sinks will come with a variety of options for your specific taste. They work best in powder rooms that are intended to be small. These are typically intended for guests and simple bathroom tasks like washing up. 

While these sinks are elegant in many ways, a bathroom still needs to function as a bathroom. If you’re looking for something more substantial, vanities are your best bet.

Vanity Sink

Using a vanity sink as an option in your powder room or bathroom has a lot of advantages. Vanity sinks can work very well in corners or oddly-proportioned bathrooms where a pedestal sink would look measly or small. Vanity sinks offer additional storage underneath, a crucial upgrade for small homes needing space. Another benefit of a vanity sink is the counter-space, perfect for getting ready in the mornings.

Vanity sinks may not be as stylish as their more minimal counterpart, but they can still be stunning. If you choose custom carpentry and modern design, your vanity sink in a bathroom can be a focal point as well as functional storage.

Which Options Suits You?

It comes down to the usage of your powder room or bathroom. Do you need extra storage and counter space? Does the bathroom have adequate space for a vanity cabinet? Would a pedestal sink look small, or would it be the perfect addition to your elegant powder room? These questions are all worth considering as you make your final decision.

There are Loads of Options at Mountain Stats Kitchen and Bath

If you need help or a free consultation to help choose between a pedestal sink or vanity– call Mountain States Kitchen & Bath or head to our showroom to see everything we have to offer for your next kitchen or bathroom remodel. You’re sure to be impressed by our selection and our exceptional service. 

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