New Year’s Resolutions For Your Kitchen

As 2017 inches up on us, it’s time to start thinking about resolutions that we might like to set.

How do we want this new year to be different than the last?

How can we make it our best year yet?

Will we improve and get better?

Hopefully we can set New Years Resolutions that will inspire us to work hard, do better, and become the happiest, healthiest versions of ourselves.

While it’s always good to focus on our personal lives and physical health, we can also set New Year’s Resolutions that will impact our lives for the better in commonly forgotten areas.

For example, have you thought about setting some New Year’s Resolutions for your kitchen? We have some ideas for you that can make 2017 an incredible year for you, your family, and the most used room in your home – your kitchen!

Make an Improvement Plan

What does your kitchen need to become your dream kitchen? Maybe this is the year you finally get new custom cabinets, or replace that old, dull porcelain sink with a modern new stainless steel farmhouse sink!

You can plan to save up for upgrades or learn how to DIY with the important projects. If you do need help, Mountain States Kitchen & Bath can assist you with ideas, purchases, options, and remodels.

Regular Cleaning

Often the biggest challenge in our kitchens is simply the mess. Most people would agree that their kitchens could use some extra cleaning and organizing. You can begin by making a master list of cleaning tasks that need to be done in your kitchen.

Break it down by day, week, month, seasonal, and year. Then find ways to include your family and to remember to complete the tasks on a regular basis. Keeping your kitchen at a higher level of basic cleanliness makes your life easier overall.


Make some sort of resolution that will inspire you to spend more time using and enjoying your kitchen!

Maybe you should take a cooking class, buy a new cookbook that features delicious recipes you want to try, or set a goal to cook a certain number of meals or dishes per week.

Visual Appeal

Do you want your kitchen to be a little more friendly and welcoming?

Make a goal to not only keep it more clean, but also to use fresh new decor, aromatherapy, comfortable seating, and hospitable touches such as a bowl of fruit or treats. Plan your seasonal decor and treats to make it even easier!

Don’t forget your kitchen as you set 2017 goals and resolutions – spend 2017 loving life in your kitchen!

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