Mirror Medicine Cabinets: Right For You?

Mirror Medicine Cabinets: Right For You?

At Mountain States Kitchen & Bath we know a thing or two about fixing the problems in your bathroom. It seems like nearly every homeowner has that one bathroom in their home that just doesn’t cut it. Small and cramped bathrooms are very common. But the good news is that there are things you can change yourself to take your bathroom to the next level.

Bathroom Storage

The biggest complaint about bathroom is also the hardest one to fix – size. Some bathrooms are small, and without renovation it can be tricky to create a bigger bathroom. But it can be easier to tackle a problem related to a small bathroom, which is storage space. Small bathrooms often present storage problems with limited counter space and miniature cabinets. Cluttering up counters or floor space is a fast way to make a small bathroom appear smaller and less functional. We have some ideas to free up more bathroom storage space.

Mirror Medicine Cabinets

One thing we always suggest to our clients seeking a more functional bathroom is to consider a mirror medicine cabinet. It may not be the right solution for every bathroom, but it can provide a quick and easy solution for many small or cluttered bathrooms


  • Storage: Mirror medicine cabinets provide instant storage without overwhelming the walls with shelves. In a cramped bathroom, adding shelves to an open wall can turn your bathroom into a cave, or you risk bumping things on shelves. The medicine cabinet provides storage in an area that is already out of bumping way and in use.
  • Discreet: You can easily store things out of sight, like medicine, oral hygiene tools, grooming items, and more. You can even get locking mirror medicine cabinets, or child-proof options that can prevent others from getting into your mirror medicine cabinet.
  • Variety: You may be picturing a shallow, rectangular medicine cabinet, but there are actually a wide range of options for your mirror medicine cabinet. Circular, oval, square, even diamond. You have a many different choices for material, frame, and color. This means you can achieve a modern, farmhouse, contemporary, minimalist, or any other style look you’re going for.
  • DIY Capability: Replacing your bathroom mirror with a mirror medicine cabinet will take only an hour or so. You can find them at a home improvement store or online, then mount yourself even if you aren’t very tool-savvy.


  • Shallow Storage: If you don’t take the extra time or effort to build in a recessed custom cabinet, your mirror medicine cabinet will probably only offer shallow storage. This is fine if you only want to store pills, toothbrushes, and makeup. But if you’re looking to store hair tools, cleaning supplies or bulkier items you won’t have much room.
  • Depth: Often in a flat bathroom, a mirror medicine cabinet can look bulky as it juts out from the wall. Talking with one of our consultants at Mountain States Kitchen & Bath will help you determine if the mirror medicine cabinet would overwhelm your bathroom.

A mirror medicine cabinet can give you storage space you need and the satisfaction of doing a job yourself – or you can call our professionals.


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