Living Room Cabinets: Pros & Cons

Living Room Cabinets: Pros & Cons

We’re all used to kitchen and bathroom cabinets, but what about living room cabinets? After all, cabinets are standard for nearly all the homes you’ve ever seen. But do cabinets start and end there? Why not branch out to other rooms like your living room? There’s no reason not to! You should customize your home with cabinets wherever you want them. 

Most kitchen and bath companies certainly focus on kitchens and bathrooms as these are the most popular requests, but the options don’t end there. You can do some interesting things with custom cabinetry. 

Let’s discuss going beyond the kitchen or bathroom and into the living room. There are four pros and cons to consider when it comes to living room cabinets.

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The Pros & Cons About Living Room Cabinets

It’s not surprising that quality cabinetry is one of the best options to fill your space functionally and beautifully. Cabinetry is not just for your dishes – it’s for storage and functionality that improves your home life. It’s also for aesthetic purposes and strong first impressions. 


Pro #1: Transform Your Space

Adding cabinets to your living room can completely transform your space. The living room’s cabinets can create storage for blankets, extra seating, entertainment (like movies and gaming systems), and your TV! 

Host a movie night and party pizza for your kids, or enjoy sipping wine while you work on late-night homework to earn that degree while working full time. You want to love the space you live in, right?

Pro #2: All About Aesthetics

However, your home can be more than just a movie space or homework center. Cabinetry can provide aesthetics by covering the screens and speakers. Custom cabinetry can also fill out an oddly shaped living room or add a built-in desk to fill up dead space. You can use cabinets to transform your space into an entertainment center or a scholarly place for learning. 

Quality cabinetry can make your home instantly look more luxurious and expensive. And a few extra counters can go a long way for displays and decorations.

Pro #3: Free Up Space

Having built-in cabinets provides space to put your belongings – things that would generally need to be stored in other open areas. This frees up space, which is excellent if you like having white space in your rooms. This could be especially appealing if you want wide-open spaces or feel claustrophobic in cluttered areas. 

Pro #4: Fill Up Awkward Space

Do you have an awkward space that’s too small for anything but large enough to notice? A cabinet might be perfect for this space. Even if you leave the cabinet empty, it fills the room and provides a pleasing aesthetic effect. It’s also the ideal spot for random items like extra cords or things you need but don’t often use. 


Con #1: Not Enough Space

Cabinets in the living room only work if you have the space. Cabinets can look bulky and shrink your room if they aren’t done correctly. Lighter cabinets look smaller and less intrusive than heavier cabinets. They’re a great option if you want built-in cabinets in a smaller room. Ornate details can look heavy and clash with smaller, sparser rooms.

Con #2: The Dimensions Don’t Always Work

You need the appropriate space and dimensions to have cabinets work. If your room is too large or too small, cabinets could hurt instead of help. Another drawback is that it can lock you into a particular configuration for your living room if cabinets are constructed along one wall or in a corner. Re-arranging your living space will be more challenging if you’re working around cabinetry. 

Con #3: The Cost Adds Up

Unless you’re buying a home that already has living room cabinets built into the wall, you’ll need to fork out the cash to have them installed. Anytime the word “custom” comes up, you can assume it comes with a price tag. 

After all, the company you hire will need to send someone to your house for measurements, dimensions, and more. The cabinetry will then be designed to your specifications for your home. It’s pretty cool having something unique that you can call your own. Just be sure to budget it first! 

Con #4: Built-Ins Don’t Go With You

Is your current home your forever home? Or is there a chance you’ll sell it and move on? You might think twice about installing built-in living room cabinets in a home where you won’t live forever since you can’t take the cabinets with you when you move. The exception is if the cabinetry will increase the value of your home when you sell it.

Mountain States Kitchen & Bath

Custom cabinetry can be more affordable than you think, looks more expensive than you anticipate, and is possible for nearly every home or budget. And we don’t just stop at your kitchen. Cabinets can increase your home’s storage and functionality anywhere, whether it’s your entryway, mudroom, garage, closet, or living room.

Do you want to try custom cabinets but aren’t sure they’re right for your home? Have one of our experts come to your home and survey the area. We can advise you on what would look best in your home. 

Mountain States Kitchen & Bath has been installing and renovating home cabinetry for years, and we’d be honored to bring our skills and expertise to your home. We serve customers across the Wasatch Front, including Salt Lake City, Draper, Vineyard, American Fork, Provo, Riverton, and more. 

Are you ready to see what custom cabinetry in your home could mean? It’s time to contact Mountain States Kitchen & Bath. You can reach us at 801.268.2200 or contact us via social media or through the form on our website

Mountain States Kitchen & Bath is here to help you customize your home with the perfect cabinetry. Contact us today to get started!

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