Is Having a Bathtub in Your Home Essential?

Is having a bathtub in your home essential? Modern showers can be made so luxurious that many homeowners realize that a sit-down tub is not the only place where they can enjoy an invigorating morning wake up, or a relaxing experience after work. While conventional wisdom indicates that homes sell better when bathrooms feature both tubs and showers, many homeowners are abandoning the bathtub in favor of a full-featured shower.

Why Not Having a Bathtub Works for Some People

Some modern bathtubs are large enough to accommodate both a separate bathtub and a shower. In that case, owners often go for a freestanding unit or a garden tub built into a corner, along with a separate shower, a large beautifully tiled one that can accommodate two people and has features such as a built-in shower seat, multiple body jets, rainfall showerhead, handheld showerhead, and even lights and sound. Even when the bathroom is very small, or at least can’t accommodate two separate units, a small molded shower unit is the choice of some homeowners instead of a tub.

Below are several main reasons why some homeowners find the bathtub less necessary:

  • In modern life, where the whole family is on the run in the morning to get ready for work or school, baths are thought of as time-consuming, so showers fit the needs of many homeowners.
  • Bath tubs consume more water, especially when the tub is designed for soaking. A standard tub consumes 40-50 gallons of water, while a larger one can take double that. Having a larger tub in your bathroom requires larger capacity water lines and either a separate water heater or a larger capacity one so that the tub can fill quickly without consuming the water needed for other household needs.
  • With a bath, you soak in water filled with the dirt, skin cells, and hair of your body. Some users consider this unhygienic, while adding bath salts to the water can irritate the body.

Why Having a Bathtub is a Must for Some People

On the other hand, bathtubs offer functionality that a shower alone cannot achieve:

  • Parents of small children find a bathtub essential, as little ones cannot shower easily. Having a tub capable of accepting a few inches of water makes washing baby easier, and also provides a time for cherished fun in the water.
  • Adults with arthritis or aching backs and joints, as well as athletes fresh from the game, enjoy the soothing warmth of soaking in a tub of water.
  • Many also find that a bathtub offers intangible values: it is relaxing and romantic.
  • Tubs, especially claw foot models and standalone soaking tubs are a beautiful aesthetic feature in a bathroom.
  • Tubs are still good for resale, especially on first homes, in contrast to custom-designed forever homes.

Installing A Tub Is Your Choice, Especially In The Master Bedroom

For many people, having a tub in a main bathroom in the home satisfies most potential household needs for a tub. While some homebuyers desire a tub in the master bathroom as well, statistics offered by home designers Design Basics suggests that when the master bathroom also has a large shower, fewer than 1/3rd of women and 1/10th of men also wanted tubs.

When remodeling your bathroom, having a bathtub – or not – is an option to consider. To learn more about going tub-less, contact Mountain States Kitchen and Bath in Utah for an in-home consultation. Our professional designers and contractors can help you weigh the pros and cons to make a decision that best suits your needs.

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