How To Make Your Fall Kitchen Cozy

Fall is a season for your kitchen.

Baking pumpkin treats, preparing a nice Thanksgiving dinner for your entire family, and carving Jack-o-Lanterns across the kitchen table are all memories that fall has to offer.

During the warming spring and hot summer, we often avoid the heat and toil of our kitchens, but now that the temperatures are dropping and our gatherings are coming indoors our kitchens have once again become a focal point.

How can you make your kitchen cozier and inviting for the fall season? We have a few ideas.

How To Turn Your Kitchen Into A Fall Kitchen?

Cozy Kitchen Tip #1: Do A Deep Clean

When was the last time you truly deep cleaned your kitchen? Starting fresh by throwing out old, unused, or broken kitchen items and giving your entire kitchen a good scrub-down can instantly make your kitchen more inviting.

Cozy Kitchen Tip #2: Revamp Your Linens

Find an autumn colored or printed tablecloth or table runner to bring some festivity to your kitchen and dining area. Replace your hand towels with warm colors and textures. Even your window valance or drapes can be replaced or switched out during the fall season to make your kitchen seem more warm and inviting. Just the simple switch of linens can take your kitchen to the next cozy level.

Cozy Kitchen Tip #3: Try Autumn Treats

Buy a pretty ceramic or wooden bowl and set out some crisp and delicious fall apples for family and guests to munch on around the table! They’re healthy, yummy, and will make your home smell amazing. It’s also a nice touch to keep a gallon of Apple Cider on hand – offer it to family and guests who visit!

Cozy Kitchen Tip #4: Use Fall Scents

Speaking of smells, it’s easy to find a fall scent that you adore right about now. Try a pumpkin, vanilla, woodsy, or fruity scent that makes you long to be in your kitchen. You can try candles, wax melts, plugins, sprays, or even potpourri to make your kitchen cozy and smelling great.

Cozy Kitchen Tip #5: Accessorize With Autumn

Take a walk through the seasonal decor aisles of your favorite stores and pick up a few pieces to emphasize this beautiful season. A few cute pumpkins on your countertop, a leaf wreath for your front door, or a lush new autumn centerpiece for your kitchen table can really make the cozy fall season come to life.

Cozy Kitchen Tip #6: Rearrange Your Seating

Are your barstools comfortable? How old are your kitchen chairs? Could they use an upgrade or some cushions? Comfortable seating is absolutely vital to a cozy kitchen that invites your family and guests to take a load off and stay a while.

Cozy Kitchen Tip #7: Stain Or Refinish Your Cabinets

Alright, you caught us. We’re a little biased with this kitchen tip, but if your kitchen cabinets are old or gross, you can give your kitchen a fresh new lease on life with a coat of paint or stain. Make your cabinets darker or lighter, or invest in custom cabinetry to make your kitchen the new favorite room in your home! Call or contact Mountain States Kitchen & Bath for a free consultation!


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