How To Budget For A Bathroom Upgrade Or Renovation

Why Haven’t You Renovated Your Bathroom?

Let’s face it.

It’s the number one reason you keep putting off that bathroom issue that desperately needs attention.


Just thinking about the cost of renovating, refacing, upgrading, or updating a sad bathroom can bring twinges of pain. Are your fingers clasping protectively over your wallet as you read this?

Well, you’re not alone. A vast majority of homeowners would love to update or upgrade a bathroom in their home – if only they felt confident in their budgeting and funds. That’s why month after month, year after year, homeowners ignore broken cabinets, chipping tile, leaky faucets, and cramped bathroom spaces rather than take the financial pains to fix them.

If you are in the market for a bathroom remodel, now is a good time to start taking the preliminary steps, even if you aren’t ready to bust out a sledgehammer. There are a lot of factors you need to consider before tackling a bathroom remodel, but changes can be made on almost any budget.

How To Budget For Your Bathroom

Step One: Choose A Bathroom To Tackle

Make a list of what bothers you as well as features you admire in other bathrooms. Browse bathrooms online, look at the bathroom sections in your local home improvement store, and even ask your friends about their bathrooms that they love. This will start to give you an idea of bathroom remodels or upgrades you may want to implement.

Step Two: Look At Your Finances

A midrange remodel is around $10,000 while an upscale remodel (expanding walls, adding windows, etc) can be closer to $25,000. How much do you have saved that you’d be willing to dedicate to this remodel or upgrade? Can you free up extra cash? Some homeowners begin to budget a certain amount each month to save up towards a particular upgrade – meaning they start saving a few hundred bucks each month and in a year they’ll use it for their big remodel. Another important factor to consider is that you will recoup most of what you spend on this upgrade in the sale price of your home. It may be worth it to take out a responsible loan, or to talk to your bathroom remodeling company about financing.

Step Three: Break Down Costs & Prioritize

You probably won’t be able to do every perfect, HGTV upgrade your heart desires – and that’s ok! Prioritize your list of needs/wants. If the shower is an absolute must, then make that #1 and figure out the relative cost. Keep going until you have listed the upgrade and cost of everything you’d like to do in your bathroom upgrade. You may not be able to replace your old cabinets AND expand the wall, but you can replace the old cabinets and update your walls with a fresh coat of a trendy new paint! Make tradeoffs that will fit your budget and still upgrade your bathroom.

Step Four: Choose An Awesome Remodeling Company

For something like a bathroom it’s best (and fastest) to contract the work to a company you can trust to do it right. Mountain States Kitchen & Bath are the Utah experts that will give you a fair and honest quote, as well as completing the work with speed, efficiency, and integrity. Make your budget work for you by choosing a company that will give you the bang for every one of your bucks!

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