Hottest New Trends For Kitchen Backsplashes

Hottest New Trends For Kitchen Backsplashes

Kitchen backsplashes are an easy and stylish way to give your space more personality and make your kitchen into a room you adore. 

We spend a lot of time in our kitchens eating, snacking, cleaning, organizing, and putting away groceries. We want a functional yet beautiful environment with matching appliances and appealing cabinets and countertops.

One popular trend that is both useful and stylish is a kitchen backsplash. This functional element protects walls behind sinks and ovens from grease splashes or water damage.

With 2022 peeking around the corner, let’s look at some new trends knocking on the door.

What to Ditch

First, before we delve into new trends, let’s discuss the outgoing trends. Cement tiles used to be all the rage in kitchen backsplashes but now look outdated. They came into popularity for a fun pop of pattern and boldness but have become stale and repetitive.

Trendy patterns or colors used to be more popular but seem to have hit their peak. In the 90s, bold and funky designs with bright colors decorated our kitchens, but now it’s more of the keep it simple principle in effect. 

Short backsplashes are out the door and long ones in, enough to reach the ceiling. It used to be, you only needed partial backsplashes of four inches behind the oven or sink, and that was enough to protect the area. Backsplashes that cover the wall entirely make the kitchen look and feel bigger. 

White subway tiles are always in if you’re into the more minimal look, but bold colors, patterns, and textures are becoming the new norm. 

Trends to Ring in the New Year

Now you’ve seen what’s going on, let’s focus on what’s coming in for 2022 and beyond. The overall consensus seems to lean toward craftsmanship when looking for materials you should invest in. Handmade and organic materials show off your unique style, keep it simple, and make for an appealing alternative to cement. Here are a few more trendy backsplashes to consider.


Countertops and backsplashes made with marble offer an elegant and timeless look. Because they’re made durable and easy to clean, this style is sure to become a classic. Marble lends itself to many styles, from modern to traditional and everything in-between.


If you’ve been to high-class hotels that feature unique artisan-made backsplashes, you’ve probably remarked about the style. A different look than subway tile, this trend offers up an eclectic and creative style that’s sure to draw attention. Because it has more depth, detail, and character, artisan-made tiles allow you to express your personality and style more than ever now.

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If you’re looking to update your kitchen backsplashes and ring in 2022 with a new, fun kitchen and bath style, give Mountain States Kitchen and Bath a call. We offer both the trends and the classics so you can create a space that’s all your own. You can find us in Lehi, Utah, so stop by our showroom or contact us today to get a quote. We can’t wait to work with you!

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