Home Decor Ideas for Summer

Home Decor Ideas for Summer

There’s nothing quite like spotting the first few signs of summer, and you may want your home decor to reflect the changing season. 

The warm weather will have you pulling out all your summer home decor in no time, but you might be wondering if there are any new summer decorating trends that you should be incorporating. Well, don’t you worry, we created a list of the most popular decor ideas for summer 2021. Keep reading for the summertime decor inspiration you’re in search of. 

Bright Colors

Summertime brings us natural bright, beautiful colors like pinks, oranges, yellows, so reflect that in your home decor! Try switching up your throw pillows or keeping a set of bright flowers on the kitchen table as a centerpiece. There are unlimited options when it comes to adding a pop of color to your home. 

Light Airy Curtains 

Let the natural light flood in through the windows without having to sacrifice your privacy by adding a set of sheer or light-colored curtains to your windows. Open the curtains during the day to let the most light in and close them at night as you retire to your bedroom. 

Decorate Your Patio Space

Who doesn’t love outdoor gatherings during the warmer months? A patio set and long with some outdoor decor can bring a whole new meaning to your outdoor living space. A picnic table or some outdoor couches for lounging will have you enjoying the great outdoors all summer long.

Beach Themed Rooms 

Doesn’t everyone associate the word “summer” with beach days? As for home decor items, you can add seashell accents to a bathroom, get a beach-themed duvet for the guest bedroom, hang art of sea life and beach scenes or, update your kitchen backsplash with an ocean-toned glass tile. 

Floral Wreaths

We have a habit of associating wreaths with Christmas time, but there are so many wreath options all year round. Since summertime is the perfect time to add more bright colors to your home, consider hanging wreaths with floral accents on both your inside and outside doors. 

Indoor Plants

In the warmer months, there are so many more plant options available to you. Take advantage of the extra hours of sunshine by purchasing and caring for some beautiful plants and greenery. Summer is the perfect time to start growing plants indoors, so if you want to practice your green thumb, but the scorching summer sun doesn’t sound very appealing, visit your local nursery for some new houseplants!

Hang Outdoor Lights 

Beautiful summer evenings and nights call for long conversations and game nights on the patio or backyard. Create some soft lighting or romantic lighting by hanging some lights over from your deck covering or wrapping them around your trees and bushes. Available in all shapes and sizes, soft white lights will fit any home style and get you outdoors long after the sun has gone down. 

Reimagine Your Space with Mountain States Kitchen and Bath

Adding new home decor is a great way to welcome the summer, but decorating is even more complex than adding a few unique accents to your home. At Mountain States Kitchen and Bath, we believe in creating new and refreshing spaces in your home that you’ll love. We have expert designers that will help you maximize your kitchen and bathroom spaces while making your dream home become a reality. From Salt Lake City to Springville, we service all Utah cities there and in between. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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