Holiday Decor Tips For Your Kitchen

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

It’s a good time to haul out your Christmas tree and begin shopping for presents to wrap and stow under it. Don’t forget to bring some holiday decor into your kitchen, too. You spend quite a bit of time there cooking, prepping, cleaning, and simply socializing.

There are several easy ways you can bring holiday decor into your kitchen to make it a more festive, cozy place to be.

Cabinet Display

Use your beautiful cabinets to display the happy and friendly holiday cards you receive throughout the season! The fridge can get cluttered with holiday cards, and you’ll accidentally knock them onto the floor during a busy holiday dinner prep session.

Instead, feature your favorite holiday cards by clipping them to the outside of your kitchen cabinets. Tie a length of festive ribbon (we like red!) vertically around each cabinet door. Then as each holiday card comes in – clip it to the ribbon using clothespins.

Top Your Cabinets

We focus a lot of our decor at eye level, but adding holiday decorations up high can make for a magical kitchen! If you have a shelf at the top of your cabinets, garnish with snow globes and an evergreen garland. If your cabinets go all the way to the ceiling, involve your kids to stick homemade paper snowflakes along the molding for a winter wonderland effect!

Try Adhesive Hooks

Clear adhesive hooks are a great way to mount garlands, hanging ornament chandeliers, tinsel and more! Stick them to your mantle, along shelves and cabinets, or even the ceiling.


One of the best elements of your holiday home is the smell! Invest in some type of signature holiday scent for your home and kitchen. It may be a candle, spray, plug-in, or wax melt, but you can find a variety of types and scents within any budget.

Hospitality Bowl

Pull out a pretty bowl, trifle dish, or even a festive platter. Find a place on your kitchen counter, island, or dining table to place it. Then fill it with a holiday treat or snack that your family and friends will enjoy! Maybe it’s tiny candy canes, wrapped chocolates, Christmas Clementines, or another seasonal fruit like pears or pomegranates.

Display Holiday Cookbooks

To keep yourself inspired in your holiday kitchen, pull out holiday cookbooks you own or take a quick trip to the nearest bookstore to buy one. Keep it displayed prominently on a kitchen countertop and commit to trying one or two recipes in your cozy holiday kitchen during the season.

Spend an afternoon or two making your kitchen ready and festive for the holidays and then enjoy the benefits for the rest of the season. And, if you’d like to spice up your kitchen by installing new cabinets, get in contact with Mountain States Kitchen & Bath Kitchen Remodel and Custom Kitchen Cabinets.


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