Here’s What to Expect When Remodeling Your Kitchen

Here’s What to Expect When Remodeling Your Kitchen

Remodeling your kitchen is something you’ve probably dreamed about doing for years, but now that it’s here, you’re not sure what to expect. 

The process might seem overwhelming at first. You need to find a contractor, agree on a design, negotiate a price, and get the project scheduled. And that’s only the beginning. What comes next? Here’s a look at what you should expect during your kitchen remodel.

Remodeling Takes Time

The amount of time that it takes to remodel your kitchen will depend entirely on the scope of work. If you’re simply repainting your cabinets and updating your countertops, you may only be looking at a few weeks. 

More in-depth remodels are likely to take in the range of six to 12 weeks. Speak with your contractor about their expected timeline before starting the project, and be sure to account for any holidays and other potential delays.

Keep in mind that you’re unlikely to be able to use your kitchen during the remodel. Many people find it helpful to set up a kitchen area in another part of their homes, like the laundry room or garage. This will help you get through an extended remodel and help save money on dining out while your kitchen is unusable. 

It Helps To Do Some Prep Work

While many people choose not to do any prep work before the crew shows up for day one of the remodel, it will help things go much more smoothly if you put in a bit of work before they arrive. Follow some of these preparation tips to make sure to avoid unnecessary delays:

  • Plan on living without a kitchen for a while. This might include making a temporary kitchen area, as mentioned previously, or simply moving your fridge to a more accessible location. You’ll need to make a plan for washing dishes since you won’t be able to use the kitchen sink or dishwasher. Many people find it easiest to use paper plates and utensils throughout the remodel (be sure to recycle or compost them). 
  • Make a plan for small children and pets that might struggle to be at home during the remodel. Remodeling your kitchen can be noisy, and many people often filter in and out of your home. Finding other places to spend time during the day might be the easiest to keep kids and animals out of the construction zone.
  • Before the construction crew arrives, take everything out of your cupboards, drawers, pantry, and off your countertops. You may even need to move appliances like the dishwasher, microwave, refrigerator, and oven if your contractor requests it. Make sure you have a plan for storing everything from your kitchen during the remodel and keep your frequently used items in a place that’s easily accessible.
  • Workers will frequently walk in and out of your house and carry equipment and materials across your floors. If you’re not planning to replace your flooring as a part of the remodel, protect it with heavy rugs or drop cloths. 

Communicate During the Remodel

In a dream world, you’d head out on vacation and come home to a beautifully remodeled kitchen. But this mindset can lead to trouble. What if you check out for a few weeks and come back to find that the wrong cabinets were installed? Or were the countertops not the same color as the sample you picked? 

This is why it’s imperative to be attentive and available during the remodel so that you’re aware of what’s going on. It makes it much easier to correct a problem when it’s caught early in the process.

Similarly, keeping an open and constant line of communication with your contractor during the entire process is essential. Check in frequently to see how things are going and ask about any issues they’ve encountered. 

Finally, be aware that not everything goes to plan. Especially in the post-COVID-19 world, supply chain disruptions are aggravatingly common. Some materials might take longer than expected to arrive, and others might not be available at all. 

Communication with your contractor will help ease these pains, but it’s helpful to understand and recognize that everyone is doing their best to finish on time and on budget. 

Touring Your New Kitchen

Once the remodel is complete, you’re likely to be anxious to have the construction crew leave you in the peace and quiet of your beautiful new space. But before you rush them out the door, walk through the kitchen with them and ask them to show you any special features, new additions, or problem areas. 

They’ll be able to explain any changes they made to the original plan, what to expect in terms of maintenance, and how to take care of your new space. 

Trust Mountain States Kitchen and Bath With Your Kitchen Remodel

Mountain States Kitchen and Bath is here to help if you’re thinking of remodeling your kitchen. Our experienced team will help with designing the kitchen of your dreams, complete with beautiful custom cabinetry and stunning countertops that will elevate the look and feel of your entire home. 

So, when you’re ready to make a change to your home, Mountain States Kitchen and Bath is here to help every step of the way. We have everything you’ll need to create the kitchen, mudroom, office, or bathroom of your dreams, from custom cabinetry to granite countertops and everything else you need for your remodel.

We specialize in remodeling kitchens and bathrooms across the Wasatch Front, from Spanish Fork to Salt Lake City, Utah, and everywhere in between. Contact us today to learn more about what we have to offer, or swing by our showroom in Lehi, Utah, and see some of our beautiful options and designs for yourself. 

We’ll be happy to answer any questions or schedule an in-home consultation with you. Let us help you design the home of your dreams. We can’t wait to work with you!

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