Granite: Why in the Bathroom?

Granite: Why in the Bathroom?

At Mountain States Kitchen & Bath we have helped homeowners create the most perfect bathrooms for their families. We are able to completely convert old and tired bathrooms in to renovated and modernized spa zones. We are well-versed in new construction as well, and can help you start from scratch for the most perfect bathroom of your dreams. Maybe you just need some refacing of your existing bathroom. Mountain States Kitchen & Bath is ready to do whatever you need, but first let’s talk about granite.

Granite is incredibly popular and you see it in most modern homes in America. Granite has a lot of pros and few cons, but those cons can keep some people from making the choice for granite in their bathrooms. That’s right – while everyone is happy to put granite in their kitchens they often hesitate to choose granite in their bathroom.

Granite is absolutely beautiful, durable, and long-lasting. This makes it an easy choice for your kitchen, where it gets use every day and can be seen by everyone who enjoys your kitchen. However, some of the cons of granite countertop can make people opt for synthetic countertops in their bathrooms. Granite is expensive, and if you’re trying to fit a budget you can save by choosing something more affordable in your bathrooms where fewer people will see or benefit. Bathrooms aren’t nearly as heavy duty as a kitchen, so the thick and durable granite isn’t quite as necessary in a bathroom as it is in a kitchen. Granite is also very thick and heavy, so it can really overwhelm or dominate a small space like a bathroom.

But this isn’t to say that you shouldn’t choose granite for your bathroom! In fact, we usually recommend granite for kitchens and bathrooms alike. Granite is well worth the price tag, because it holds up well over time and is resistant to scratching and staining. Granite is easy to clean, which is a huge factor in bathrooms. And granite can be expensive, but bathrooms are usually small spaces with small slabs which makes it much more affordable.

Finally, granite countertops bring that feeling of luxury that you only get with gorgeous stone. Granite adds serious value and listing appeal to your home if you’re thinking of reselling in the future, and makes your living space much more welcoming and luxurious in the meantime.

If you’re considering granite countertops for your home, Mountain States Kitchen & Bath makes everything easy and affordable – you can trust us, contact us today!

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