Granite Countertops Still Beat Trendy Concrete For Most Buyers

Should granite countertops be your choice for your kitchen remodel, or should you jump on board with the trendy choice of concrete countertops? While granite is still the top choice, followed by quartz, concrete countertops are rapidly moving up the list. Over the last 10 years, it has become a popular material for luxury kitchens.

The Case for Concrete Countertops

The concrete used for countertops is a far cry from the dull grey material that covers your driveway or basement floor. Cement and aggregate materials such as crushed limestone, sand, or other additives create an intriguing color and texture. Using forms, concrete countertops are usually built on site and can be created in any size. For a square foot price comparable to granite, you can have features such as sinks, drain boards, trivets, and utensil wells created for a truly unique work surface.

Why Classic Granite Countertops Still Win

Granite countertops, on the other hand, offer the beauty of natural stone with colors and patterns built in without the need for additives. Good granite installers do the cutting at their shop and bring the finished piece to your home, where final trimming is done during installation. Since every piece of granite has a unique pattern, your design team will plan the layout and help you hand select your slabs to make sure the pattern does not look mismatched once installed. As granite slabs are cut into flat pieces of stone, sinks and any special features are made from separate materials and attached to them, usually from the underside.

Shared Concerns for Granite or Concrete

Both products share similar “downsides.” Weighing approximately 20 pounds per square foot for a block that is 1.5 inches thick, they add considerable weight atop your cabinets. To prevent contamination from bacteria, both need to be regularly sealed, although concrete is more susceptible to stains as it is porous; concrete will need more frequent sealing. Given how the materials are sourced, both concrete and granite are the target of environmental concerns and would not be the top choice for a “green” kitchen remodel.

Which Should You Choose?

Either granite or concrete creates a unique and beautiful work surface for you – at a similar price. Which should you choose? Even though concrete is versatile enough to assume many appearances that are far from its industrial roots, many customers still see granite as the classic choice for quality, durability, and timeless style.

After budget, choosing countertop material depends greatly on your personal taste; but, if you want a natural material pulled from the earth in an amazing array of colors and patterns, you might find granite the clear winner. In contrast to concrete which, despite all the embellishments, may still seem sterile and cold, granite will give your kitchen a both luxurious and homey feel that simply cannot be accomplished with concrete.

To learn more about the pros and cons of kitchen countertop materials, to see a wide array of beautiful granite countertops, and to arrange for quality installation, call Mountain States Kitchen & Bath today for a free in-home consultation for your new granite countertops.


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