Five Reasons To Get Mudroom Cabinets

What is a Mudroom? Why do you need one? Is it gonna be covered in mud? A mudroom is a landing zone – a functional entryway for your family.

When your family members come charging in from the garage or the backyard they might drop their shoes, coats, backpacks, sporting goods, and ALL of the grass, dirt, and detritus they may have accumulated throughout the day.

Most homes aren’t using their space totally effectively, and most moms are spending much too time picking up these “landing zones.”

Mudroom cabinets could be your new best friends. Some people think they don’t have room, or money, or a use for them. But that’s all wrong! Nearly everyone could benefit from a mudroom with storage, and all it has to offer. Here’s five reasons you should consider adding mudroom cabinets:

  1. Function – Mudroom cabinets serve a particular function for your family. It might be storage, a sitting space, organization, mail drop, a mini workspace, or anything else you need. They can be lockers, drawers, shelves, chalkboard or message boards… anything you could need. Does everyone in your family drop your shoes at the door? Maybe some shoe racks will help with organization.
  2. Custom – If you thought your entryway wasn’t big enough, or you have a weird nook on your main floor that has never been good for anything, fear not! The experts at Mountain States Kitchen & Bath can make beautiful custom cabinets to fit even the strangest of shapes.
  3. Storage – One big complaint of homeowners is lack of storage space in their homes. Especially if you buy an older home you might find that the meager closets aren’t nearly enough. You can also have a problem if your garage is small or a car-port with no storage. Adding some cabinets can give you space that you lack elsewhere in your house, and can be used as a linen closet, cleaning supply storage, or housing all of your sporting goods.
  4. Look – It’s pretty much a guarantee that cabinets will look amazing compared to your existing plain walls or measley shelves. Cabinets make your home look more designed and expensive, and can make entering your home much more appealing.
  5. Price – It seems like this project would be impossibly expensive, particularly if custom cabinets are needed. You might be surprised how affordable cabinetry can be when you choose professionals who do honest, efficient work. The cabinets will not only add function to your home and free up space, but they will add significant value and visual appeal in one easy step.

A “mudroom” doesn’t have to be it’s own room. It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive or big. It can simply be beautiful custom cabinetry to make your home and life a little better. Make sure you start with an expert. Mountain States Kitchen & Bath can give you a consultation and quote to meet your home’s needs. Find some inspiration online and realize that you can have it too! A functional, beautiful, mudroom could be yours.

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