Eight Hot Chocolate Recipes For Chilly Winter Mornings

Eight Hot Chocolate Recipes For Chilly Winter Mornings

Spring is a month away, and mornings are down-right frigid in some areas. What better way to wake up on these cold mornings than with a cup of steaming hot chocolate to get your day started. Here are eight hot chocolate flavors to warm your tummy and tickle your senses.

Before we delve into these delicious flavors, let’s talk a little about hot chocolate.

Origin of Hot Chocolate

Did you know hot chocolate started in Mexico around 500 B.C.? The Mayans drank chocolate made from ground-up cocoa seeds mixed with water, cornmeal, and chili peppers, which is vastly different than what hot chocolate is known today. It wasn’t until the 17th century that it was brought to North America by the Dutch. Colonists began selling hot chocolate around 1775, and now, there are infinite flavors.

We consume hot chocolate in a variety of ways throughout the world. For example, in Latin America, it’s a very thick drink called cioccolata calda served in Italy and chocolate a la taza served in Spain. In the U.S., we drink thinner hot chocolate but now add many different flavorings and spices.

Hot Chocolate Recipes

Here are eight flavors of hot chocolate to add to your collection, some you may have never tried.

Classic Hot Chocolate – The combo of cream and milk, with a touch of marshmallows, make for a perfect balance of sweet and creamy.

Grasshopper Hot Chocolate with Mint Whipped Cream – Sounds yummy, right? With mint, chocolate, and topped with mint whipped cream, it’s a match made in Heaven on a cold winter morning.

Winter Candy Cane Cocoa – Even though Christmas is past, you can still enjoy this candy cane cocoa. Adding a few drops of peppermint extract with some crushed candy canes incorporates a mint feast for your taste buds.

Mexican Hot Chocolate – The key ingredients for this unique hot chocolate includes adding a pinch of cinnamon with a few drops of almond extract. These flavors combine for a spicy drink to heat up your mornings.

Coconut Tres Leches Hot Chocolate – You make this traditional Latin America hot chocolate from the Tres leches cake that means “three milks.” Adding coconut, sweetened condensed, and fat-free milk serves for an elegant and luxurious drink. Top off with shaved chocolate for a decadent treat.

Aztec Hot Chocolate – Since the Aztecs were among the first cultures to drink hot chocolate, they created a unique spicy drink. With ground chipotle chile pepper, cinnamon, and espresso powder made in a slow cooker, you’re sure to include this recipe among your favorites.

Orange Spice Hot Chocolate – Picture orange sticks at Christmas and then picture it in a hot drink smothered with chocolate. Sounds heavenly, right? This combo drink is sure to satisfy your citrus and sweet cravings.

Dairy-Free Mocha Hot Chocolate – Need a dairy-free choice that still allows you to indulge? Try this hot chocolate that’s made with dark chocolate chips, almond milk, coffee, and raw honey, with a topping that includes coconut milk and vanilla extract. Sounds wonderful, right?

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