Double Vanity: Pros and Cons

Double Vanity: Pros and Cons

The double vanity is a feature in basically every glamorous master bathroom in the fancy interior design magazines and Parade homes. It’s an indication of luxury and convenience that most couples want in their master bathroom.

But it simply isn’t a possibility in some homes – and it may not be the best thing for your home or family. If you’re designing a new home or considering a bathroom remodel, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of a double vanity to help inform your decision.

Double Vanity

A double vanity is two sinks, usually with their own separate bank of drawers or a cabinet. They can have their own mirrors or lay under a long, single mirror. They can stand separately, or even exist as pedestal sinks instead of a cabinet-style vanity sink. Essentially it’s two separate sinks, one for each individual in the couple.


A double vanity allows each person access to their own sink, countertop, and cabinet on their own schedule. This is incredibly helpful if you get read at the same times in the morning or evening, so you’re not elbowing and fighting for space. It can also help if one person is especially neat and the other a little more lax about toothpaste in the sink.

A double vanity can also help increase countertop space, if that’s something you use for grooming and hygiene routines. Storage space can increase as well, which can be helpful if you have limited storage space in your home.

Upgrading to a double vanity is a great choice if you have dead space in your bathroom that could be filled with an extra sink and counterspace. It can also be helpful if you have multiple people sharing a bathroom or you enjoy your own space.


Double vanities take up much more space. This means a double vanity could simply be out of the question for many homes. You may technically have room for a double vanity, but it could mean sinks very close together, eating up potential counterspace. In that case it may be better to keep one sink and use the extra counterspace.

A professional opinion can help you determine if you have the space you need for a double vanity in your new or existing home. Mountain States Kitchen & Bath will provide a free consultation.

The biggest deterrent for people who have the space for double vanities but choose not to is the cost. Plumbing for two sinks is more expensive, as is buying two sinks and extra cabinet and counterspace. The cost may be negligible and worth it to you, but if you’re on a budget it may not work in your favor.

Mountain States Kitchen & Bath is ready for your call to help make your dream master bathroom a reality!


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