DIY Helpful Kitchen Hacks

DIY Helpful Kitchen Hacks

If you’re like most people you spend a lot of time in your kitchen (even if you’re not cooking!), but you may not be entirely happy with your WHOLE kitchen. Many want more counter space. Some can’t stand their corner pantry. Maybe updated cabinets are long overdue. You may feel like your hands are tied with the kitchen you have now, because remodels and updates can be expensive and time consuming. But we have good news for you – there are plenty of DIY options for kitchen hacks that will make your kitchen more helpful for cooking, entertaining, or simply just living.

DIY Kitchen Hacks

  • Use Your Doors. The inside of your cabinet doors are usually just forgotten and wasted space. You can use them for additional storage and organization to free up more space on your counters, and in drawers and cupboards. Assess your cupboards and choose one or more options that will work for you:
    • Hooks to hang measuring cups and spoons.
    • Small racks for spices.
    • Larger racks for cutting boards.
    • Angled plastic hooks for pot & pan lids.
    • Clear sheet protectors to store coupons, shopping lists, recipes, and more
  • Rolling Drawers. You can purchase a rolling drawer set of any size at a local home improvement store on online. They are great for under sinks, in pantries, or larger cabinets.
  • Lazy Susan. Installing a Lazy Susan for a corner pantry or corner cabinets is actually a very easy DIY project, and you can find easy-to-use complete sets that make it lightning fast.
  • Add Shelves. If you have some weird space on a small wall, open shelving can be used for storage and decor. Adding a long extended shelf just a couple feet from the ceiling gives the effect of higher ceilings and pretty molding.
  • Sink Space. If you are lacking in counter space, look into a large cutting board or sink cover. They rest over the top of your sink and can give you excellent extra space and make slicing and preparing food much faster and cleaner.
  • Get Mobile. A rolling bar cart or small table can serve as a moveable island. It’s great for when you need to prep several dishes or have more than one person working in the kitchen (parties or Thanksgiving). Plus, you can easily move it out of the way when not in use.
  • Drawer Separators. If your drawers become a stuffed and confusing mess, you can use drawer separators to keep them organized and functional. Make your own by cutting up cardboard boxes, or buy plastic versions online or in home improvement stores.

Kitchen hacks are very easy to do yourself, and can improve the functionality and comfort of your kitchen in a major way. Try a few of these tips today to see how your kitchen can feel more like home.

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