DIY Christmas Décor


Hosting friends and family during the holiday season can be stressful. Your home needs to be clean, welcoming, and festive. You may also worry about expensive or common Christmas decorations being even more of a hassle.

Do you have to go search department and decoration stores to find the perfect, unique, expensive decorations? Actually no! You can easily DIY your own unique and affordable Christmas décor that will make your home one-of-a-kind, homey, and festive.

DIY Christmas Décor

  • Art Tree – Involving the kids can make for cute and hilarious decorations that make home feel more like theirs. Swing by a craft store or the art section of your favorite supermarket and grab a roll of green paper and a stack of construction paper. Cut out a tree and then let your kids decorate it with cut out ornaments, or color directly on it. Hang it in a hallway or entryway so the kids can admire their work and show their friends and family.
  • Faux Presents – Wrapping up tiny boxes with paper and bows makes for a beautiful tablescape, centerpiece, or coffee table décor. You can find small boxes at the store or even as your packages arrive this month. Wrap with shiny paper, top with a fancy bow, then place around the house.
  • Garlands – Popcorn garlands have been popular for decades! You can make your own bead garlands or a bunting banner using burlap, Christmas plaid fabric, or even cut out wrapping paper. You can wrap them along staircases, across doorways, or even on a blank wall. Using plastic hooks on doublestick tape makes mounting fast and safe.
  • Candles – Tall, tapered candles are stunning. Place them on candlestick holders or mount them to a piece of wood for a more rustic look. Smaller cylindrical candles make a magical effect in a votive candle holder. Fake candles look warm and welcoming in your windows. You can also choose a few aromatherapy candles to mix in with perfect Christmas scents.
  • Poinsettia – Poinsettia flowers are a perfectly Christmas-y touch to your home. Fake or real, you can pot them for a dining room table centerpiece or a porch decoration. You can use the blooms in a garland with other greenery that can wrap your doorway or staircase. It’s the most festive flower!

You can buy cheap decorations from a bin at the grocery store, spend buckets on the high-end decorations at a department store, or stick with your tired old decorations this holiday season. But a DIY project to make your home more festive this Christmas is rewarding, affordable, and fun!

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