Custom Cabinets: Capitalize On The Trends

Custom cabinets are the best way to capitalize on the unique trends in kitchen cabinetry. While cabinets do add function to a kitchen space, they now do so in interesting new ways. By using color, glass, and shape to add interest to the outside, they often contain features inside that increase the value.

Seven Top Trends in Custom Cabinets

  1. Custom cabinets, whether they are painted or wood stained, add an element of sameness to a kitchen. Especially in large kitchens, the overwhelming look can be a monotone sea of wood on upper and lower cabinets and islands. The modern trend is to have the cabinets mismatched, so that upper and lower cabinets may be different tones, or the island or a separate work area of the kitchen might incorporate a different color as well.
  2. Appliance cabinets that add cabinet fronts to the refrigerator, dishwasher, and other appliances continue the cabinet look. Even if other cabinets are customized with different paint colors or glass fronts, cabineting the appliances is another example of the influence of European design on American kitchens.
  3. Exploiting one of the advantages of custom cabinets that can be made to any dimension, floor-to-ceiling cabinets utilize all available height in the kitchen. In contrast to stock products that usually stop at 36 inches, custom cabinets provide an additional shelf, perhaps for seldom used items.
  4. Open shelving, popular in Europe, is replacing some cabinets in modern kitchens. This look is not for everyone, as it puts your kitchen items on display where they can look messy and acquire dust. You can achieve the open shelving look by either having cabinets without doors, or by having free-floating shelving attached to your walls.
  5. Most cabinets remain square boxes, but many custom cabinets incorporate more of the look of furniture into them. Offering greater detail such as fancy legs and feet, arched openings, undercounter corbels, carvings, moldings, and cutouts, they add style to a kitchen. Adding glass doors to the fronts of some cabinets also make them look more like china cabinets.
  6. Wood tone shades are always popular for custom cabinets. White, off-white, or lightly tinted pastels make kitchens look bright and appealing whether they be traditional or extremely modern. A complementary trend is to add a pop of color by painting the back wall of the cabinet with the color used elsewhere in the decorating scheme.
  7. Modern custom cabinets can include a lot more than the Lazy Susans and built-in spice racks of old. They may have built in storage for silverware or cookie sheets, appliance garages, pull out trays and cutting boards, racks for cans, bread boxes, and other features that maximize space and may even eliminate the need for separate items to clutter the counters.

Capture the Trends by Using a Good Contractor

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