Custom Bathroom Vanities Personalize your Space

For an upscale look and perfect fit, custom bathroom vanities are a great choice for your next remodel. Perhaps more than any other room, bathrooms are compact. You may increase their size if you knock down a wall or extend your home, but you are unlikely to have unused wall space; no matter how much square footage you have, you will probably fill every bit of wall space for fixtures or storage.

Custom bathroom vanities fit in however much space you have, even if the space is small or uniquely shaped, and can incorporate any special features you want.

Grades of Vanity Cabinets

As with other types of cabinets, vanities come in four grades: RTA (ready-to-assemble), stock, demi-custom, and custom. RTA products that you put together yourself are the cheapest to buy and offer a limited selection of styles, colors, and quality of materials. Custom products, at the other end of the spectrum, offer unlimited choices of style, materials, and finishes, and are hand-crafted with care to fit your space and needs precisely.

Quality to Expect in Custom Bathroom Vanities

Where the different grades of cabinets vary most obviously are in craftsmanship and detail.

  • Some styles of non-custom cabinets come in standard size variations (24″, 30″, 36″, or more) – not the 26″ or 38″ you might need. Often 32″ tall, they may be too short for you if are tall or too tall for kids or for your wheelchair-bound mom. The standard 18″ to 21″ depth may take up too much floor space or not give you enough storage. Custom vanities, on the other hand, have no size restrictions and are crafted to fit your space and meet your personal needs and preferences.
  • Vanity cabinets are comprised of a box made of hardwood, plywood, particle board, or medium density fiberboard (MDF), with doors made of varying grades of wood, and with quality finishes that will hold up to steam and heat. Custom bathroom vanities can be crafted out of solid wood, which means they last longer, have a higher resale value, and have less offgassing of VOCs.
  • The more custom the product, the more detailed the doors and drawers are, and the more likely they are to line up just right and function properly. Good quality drawers are 3/8″ to 1/2″ thick or more, joined with dowels, open smoothly and quietly, are not stapled together, and are not made of thin materials.
  • Custom cabinets can accommodate any special desires you have, such as a special drawer for hair appliances with a built-in outlet, a multi-level counter, or a corner makeup vanity.

Remodeling? Call Us

When you are remodeling, choose Mountain States Granite and Cabinets for the custom bathroom vanities that are our specialty.

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