Cost of Custom Cabinets: What You Need to Know

If the term “custom cabinets” sends you into sticker shock about potentially high costs, you may be pleasantly surprised at seeing the actual price tag of fine cabinets. While their price exceeds what stock and semi-custom products command, they may not cost as much as you think. As with most type of home upgrades, it is possible to capture the benefits without breaking the bank.

What Makes Custom Cabinets Different?

What sets custom cabinets apart from other choices is that they are designed for your space and constructed by hand. Since they are made for you, you can control the exact size, the colors, the finishes, and the features. When the cabinets made just for you are shipped to your home, they are either installed on-site or, more often, sent ready for installation.

Labor costs are a significant factor in the cost of custom cabinets, as more time and personal attention are used to create them. When you order custom products, you are likely to interact with someone who will come to your home to measure and oversee the design and construction process. If you have a problem, you are likely to have live customer service accessible to you to handle any problems. These customer service costs are part of the labor charges that make the cabinets more costly. However, labor is only one part of what adds to the cost of custom cabinets.

Techniques and Materials Add to the Cost

The biggest part of what adds to the cost are the materials used. Stock and even some semi-custom cabinets are made from particleboard and MDF that are typically ¼” thick. These materials are not as durable as the ¾” or 1″ plywood used in custom cabinet bases. The doors are always solid wood. Where cabinets can become extremely pricey is in choosing certain types of hardwoods. Woods such as cherry are very costly. Often, a good cabinetmaker can select a less costly wood, such as maple, and finish it with a cherry stain to keep the price more manageable.

The techniques used to create custom cabinets are often sturdier as well. Both cabinets and drawers will have dovetail joints of interlocking pieces rather than just be nailed together, while hardware such as door sliders and hinges are likely to be a better quality.

This durability and extra care in construction might be just what you need for your home, especially if you have an unusually shaped kitchen or want to make sure that your cabinets reach the ceiling. These aspects of custom cabinets may make it worth to check out custom options. The extra cost might make it worth it for you.

Choose a Reputable Dealer for Affordable Custom Cabinets

In discussing custom cabinets, it is important to realize that not all custom cabinets are the same. Extremely high-end custom cabinet makers can be found in the marketplace whose prices are far above what most homeowners want to spend. However, most dealers of custom cabinets have offerings well within your budget. In Utah, Mountain States Kitchen and Bath uses reputable and local installers who incorporate high-end techniques and materials without an exorbitant price tag. If you have a small kitchen or one with unique cabinet needs, contact us to learn how custom cabinets can be a practical and affordable option.

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