Cleaning Painted Cabinets

Cleaning Painted Cabinets

For many people, cleaning cabinets is a major item on their Spring Cleaning checklist. It’s a worthy task that often gets forgotten. One reason is that we think our cabinets haven’t seen much wear-and-tear, especially if they just house clean dishes.

But in reality our cabinets take quite a beating, and can end up much filthier than we could have predicted. It can be tempting to just dive in with whatever cleaning products you have on hand, but we have some pointers to help you safely and efficiently spring clean your painted cabinets.

5 Steps in Cleaning Painted Cabinets

  1. Remove Everything. It may seem easier to just tackle it one cabinet at a time, but this is a very inefficient way of cleaning. It’s easier to miss spots, and you may stick with your same inefficient way of organizing.
  2. Assess. Before diving in, take just a few minutes to assess the state of your cabinets. How dirty are they? Are there any crumbling corners, nicks, or dings? Especially take some time to look for water damage, which can be common in cabinets around sinks and dishwashers. If you do find mold or water damage, it may be time to call in expert cabinet repair or replacement from Mountain States Kitchen & Bath.
  3. Clean. You don’t need any fancy cleaning supplies or tools – in fact, many of them aren’t right for the job. Painted cabinets can be stripped or scratched with harsh cleansers and tools such as a magic eraser, scrubbing pad, or harsh chemicals. Instead, opt for dish soap and warm water, since most of the stains and mess are from food. A microfiber cloth is soft on your paint, and can remove grime quickly.
  4. Dry. Take the time to wipe down your cabinets after cleaning to remove any leftover moisture which can cause water stains and warping. A clean and dry microfiber cloth should do the trick.
  5. Touch-Up. If there are nicks or scratches in your cabinets, now is the time to touch them up with leftover paint. Give ample drying time before adding your belongings back into the cabinets. You can also hire our experts to reface your cabinets, or even to fully replace with custom cabinetry to meet your individual needs.

The whole point of cleaning your painted cabinets is to remove grime and reveal a clean, fresh shine of color beneath. Be careful to protect that paint with gentle cleaning products and techniques, and you’ll have beautiful cabinets for years to come.


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