Christmas Party Planning Checklist

It’s that time of year again – time to host your epic holiday bash!

Whether you’re hosting a fancy Christmas Eve dinner, a relaxed Christmas morning brunch, an Ugly Sweater mixer, or all night New Years Eve rager – we have the essential checklist for any holiday event to help you prepare successfully and host the best party ever.

Choose a Date, Make a Guest List, and Invite

These are your critical first steps. Decide a time that will work for you and your ideal guest list, then invite them via paper invitations, online, in person, or via text or phone call. Do your best to gather RSVP numbers so you can accurately supply food and favors.

Flesh Out Your Theme

Will it be formal and classy? Laid back and relaxed? Fun and memorable? The theme will help you decide on a menu, decor, playlist, and other important options. Keep in mind the guest list, time of day, and location.

Buy or Make Your Decorations & Favors

Browse for inspiration and options online. There are choices for any budget range or party theme. Check out the dollar store, supermarkets, department stores, and online vendors. Creating and putting together your decorations and favors a week or two in advance is a great way to eliminate stress before a big event.

Refurbish or Spruce Up Your Home

If you’ve been thinking about making updates to your home or kitchen, the lead-up to Christmas can be a great time to make the jump. Refinish your kitchen cabinets, upgrade your carpet, or finally buy that dining room table you’ve been eyeing.

Make sure to choose a provider that is trustworthy and efficient so the job gets done in time, and done the way you want it. Call or contact Mountain States Kitchen & Bath for custom kitchen or bathroom cabinets, or your home remodel needs.

Deep Clean Your Home

Many people like to deep clean the day of, or day before the party, but the most effective and stress-free way to prepare for a party is to deep clean several days in advance. Choose a Saturday or day off several days before the party. Deep clean all the areas the party will involve, and enlist the help of your kids and family.

Then in the days leading up to the party, complete maintenance cleaning and look for any areas you may have missed. This will mean minimal cleaning the night before or day of, limiting your stress and making your house even cleaner!

Plan Your Menu, Grocery Shop, Prep, and Schedule

Figure out what you will serve and how you will serve it. Will you buy? Choose catering? Cook yourself? Assign potluck dishes? If you’re serving your own food, shop a day or two before. Do any prep work you can as early as you can without the food spoiling.

Make sure you read through recipes thoroughly and plan ahead for the things you need to cook day-of. You may need to alternate oven use, or start certain dishes much earlier in the day to allow time for main dishes right before the party.

Take Pictures & Enjoy!

The most important part is to enjoy the company and enjoy your party, and have a Merry Christmas from Mountain States Kitchen & Bath!


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