Christmas In The Kitchen

Christmas is just around the corner, and for you that might mean some serious baking time in your kitchen.

At the least, it means more time spent at home with the people you love. The holidays are a great time to spruce up your home, and now is a great time to do some of the prep work that will make your season a little brighter and better.

Today we are sharing 5 steps to preparing your kitchen for the holiday season:

5 Ways To Prep Your Kitchen For Christmas

1. Check Out Your Cabinets

There are several good reasons to look deep into your cabinets. You’ll be needing those serving platters and dishes, so be aware of where they are and how much food they can serve. Discard broken dishes and wash anything that is dusty or sticky.

Reorganize your dishes and purchase any serving ware you will need during the season. While you’re at it, wipe out your kitchen cabinets and look for wear or damage.

2. Clean Out & Stock Your Fridge & Pantry

When is the last time you cleaned out your pantry or fridge? Now is a great time to get rid of everything that is expired, super old, or things you simply will never eat.

Use the opportunity to stock up on your favorite treats and staples. It can save you time and long lines at the grocery store to get what you need now.

3. Deep Clean Your Kitchen

You likely won’t have time to do deep cleaning once the party season starts, so a deep kitchen clean now will save you time in the future. Clean your cabinets, baseboards, walls and ceiling, oven, and sanitize your floors. Then do weekly cleaning sweeps that will be much easier and faster.

4. Complete Upgrades or Repairs

If you’ve been putting off repairing that broken light fixture or waiting to update your cabinets, now is the time to do it. Custom cabinets or refacing or refinishing the cabinets you already have and love is a great way to update your kitchen and make it a more welcoming place to be during the holiday season.

Professional kitchen cabinetry experts at Mountain States Kitchen & Bath can quickly and efficiently update your kitchen before the holiday festivities even begin!

5. Decorate!

Bring your Christmas decor into the kitchen for extra festivity. Hang wreaths on your cabinets. Add a garland to the top of your cabinets, hutches, or other furniture. Light a Christmas candle or plug in a holiday scent. A poinsettia plant is an excellent feature for your kitchen during the holiday season.

Take some time to make your kitchen a welcoming, cozy, efficient place to be and work this holiday season. Call or Contact Mountain States Kitchen & Bath to see what they can do to make your kitchen a little cozier!

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