Can a Kitchen Remodel Increase the Value of My Home?

Can a Kitchen Remodel Increase the Value of My Home?

So many homeowners go back and forth on the idea of remodeling their homes. After watching plenty of home redesign shows, you might get the itch to redesign your kitchen. You might realize that you can fix that weird kitchen island, or finally replace the old and worn linoleum. But the cost! All that mess. All that extra labor. All the decisions and hassle. What if it isn’t worth it? What if you don’t end up liking it? It’s definitely a big undertaking, so it’s critical to think through all the benefits and drawbacks.

Home Value
An important factor to consider in a home remodel is the resale value it can bring. At Mountain States Kitchen & Bath we do a lot of bathroom and kitchen remodels for a variety of reasons. We see a lot of older, smaller, and strange homes that need serious remodel work to bring them into this century. The homeowners have lived there for years and finally make the leap to make their kitchen more livable and functional.
We also come in to help people getting ready to sell their home. We’ll get a call from a homeowner who is watching the market and realizing they need to figure out some upgrades that can make their home more attractive. They are planning to sell their home for a new one, but they want to maximize the sale value to get more as they find the next home of their dreams. Upgrading the home or trying some remodels within vital areas of the home can increase the resale.

What to Remodel?
The kitchen is always the first stop. Unless your home has a really strange or cramped area beside the kitchen, the kitchen is the area that pulls in potential home buyers and allows you to list the house for more. Countertops and backsplash make a huge visual bang for the buck, and can update an aged kitchen in moments. Upgrading to new and energy efficient appliances also helps with list price and potential home-buyers.
A more modern floorplan can be achieved by knocking down a few walls, opening up a kitchen with a detached island, half-walls, or merging a formal dining room into the kitchen area. This is a bigger update and change, but it can translate into a higher asking price. Throw in trendy details like a farmhouse sink or sleek new pendant lights and you’re looking at the kitchen that will bring everyone to an open house.

If you’re ready to increase your home’s resale value on the market, consider calling Mountain States Kitchen & Bath for an estimate on your kitchen’s update or remodel.

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