Beautifying Your Home with Custom Cabinets

Custom cabinetry, granite countertops and custom bathroom vanitiesthese three upgrades or additions can instantly transform any kitchen or bathroom into a luxurious paradise.

Kitchens and bathrooms are two of the highest-traffic areas in any home. Kitchens are where memories are made, where holiday meals are prepared and where you buckle down to finish a project or help the kids with homework.

Bathrooms are pamper-filled retreats within your home—it’s where you get ready for an anniversary dinner or pump yourself up as you get dressed for a big job interview. Both of these rooms deserve a touch of luxury.

From custom cabinetry to semi-custom cabinetry, industry experts have revealed that updating cabinets makes the biggest impact in a kitchen. They are the upgrade which can most often lead to a higher home value. Being able to hand-pick the perfect materials, design, stain and architecture is what turns a house into a home while simultaneously bolstering the its value.

For homeowners who are getting ready to sell, it is an upgrade that can push your asking price into a more agreeable territory.

All the Trimmings

Countertops, in kitchens and bathrooms (and elsewhere in the home), take up a significant amount of space. For years, natural stone has remained the most popular option, and are gorgeous, timeless and easy to care for. The durability of a countertop allows it to easily last a lifetime. As an added bonus, premium countertops complement absolutely any style, cabinetry or trend, which is perfect for surviving changes throughout the decades.

Along with custom countertops, customized bath vanities combine the best of both worlds: often a wooden base with a natural stone top for the ultimate in luxury. Vanities provide extensive additional storage which can be personalized to suit your lifestyle. For example, some homeowners may want smaller drawers kitted out with organizers for an extensive makeup or product selection. Others may want veritable pantries within their vanities for holding fluffy towels.

Suiting Your Style

Why choose a customized approach instead of ready to install? It is those personal touches that make homeowners really fall in love with the busiest rooms in their home. You may be able to get close to ideal with ready-made products, but they will never be exactly the right fit, finish, material, style or feature the perfect hardware. Only with a customized approach can you get exactly what you want—and that is exactly what you deserve.


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